The Daily Lard 6-20-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest MMQB column, Peter King writes that tomorrow's ownership meeting will not feature any voting, but rather just discussions on the framework of a potential new CBA. PK figures the owners who haven't been present during the most recent negotiations still have a good idea of where the talks have headed and won't mount enough of a fight to truly set back the talks with the players.

Meanwhile, PK thinks Tiki Barber will end up with the Steelers, and that Nnamdi Asomugha is most likely to land in Philly, Dallas or Baltimore, in that order, although he also makes the case that Kubes and the Texans should try to sign the CB.


This weekend marked Ed McCaffrey's second "Dare to Play" football camp which gives children with Down's syndrome a chance to learn football and cheering and to participate in a game. Both the DP and CBS4 had brief stories on the camp, accompanied by video.

LenDale White made a radio appearance yesterday to help raise money in support of Joplin, MO.


Like Jason Cole, Mike Freeman writes that the Giants' John Mara and the Pats' Robert Kraft have led the way on the ownership side toward compromising with the players in working towards a new deal.

Jarrett Bell on the expected new version of the rookie pay scale.

The words is that Chris Johnson will hold out if he doesn't get a new deal from the Titans, and Matt Bowen thinks they'd better pay up.

Jeff Fisher says he'll check out the job market after this season.

National scouting ranks Terrelle Pryor as worthy of a sixth- or seventh-round pick.

Not that anyone would ever believe him, but Skins GM Bruce Allen claims he doesn't regret trading for Donovan McNabb last year, and he'd do it again!

Boomer Esiason says the Bengals' culture of losing is never going to change while the Brown family is in charge.

Among PFW's latest Whispers, the Chiefs may release Brian Waters, while the Bucs are interested in bringing back former Broncos draftee Tim Crowder.

Khaled Elsayed examines edge pass rushers and finds that the Chiefs' Tamba Hali created the most havoc last year, while Elvis Dumervil ranked only 16th-best in the league in terms of pressure rate over the past three years. (Keep in mind it's a rate, so the fact that he missed 2010 due to injury doesn't factor.)

PFW's list of players who are likely to break out in 2011 continues with the AFC South.

Andy Benoit shares his rankings of the top ten DEs in the league.


Referees screwing the pooch is apparently not strictly a modern day occurrence, and it used to have much graver consequences back in the day.

Another gem from Accidental Chinese Hipsters, this time a Velvet Underground t-shirt.

Check out this 1997 ad featuring Tiger Woods. Oops.

Ozzie Guillen passed a kidney stone before managing yesterday's White Sox game.

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