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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Gray Caldwell looks back at the Denver coaches' comments at the dinner they hosted a few weeks ago for corporate sponsors and suiteholders. DC Dennis Allen spoke about using a simple and attacking defense disguised to seem more complex through multiple alignments and personnel groupings. Meanwhile, ST coordinator Jeff Rodgers is excited by the Broncos' draft class, as he sees seven fast players - the linebackers, safeties and tight ends - who should contribute to his unit's success right from the start. Rodgers also offered more praise for his specialists Matt Prater, Britton Colquitt and Lonie Paxton, while interestingly pointing to Eddie Royal as a return man. Obviously this is a bit of word-parsing speculation, but those of us who want to see Eddie's role be exclusive to offense may not get our wish.

OC Mike McCoy said new RT Orlando Franklin would help the Broncos' offense become more physical, and that the team would like to have the dual threats at running back that were a signature of John Fox's Carolina teams. To that end, Fox told of wanting to improve the offensive balance to help the Broncos become more effective in the red zone.


TD responded to fans' emails for the DP - he thinks Tim Tebow should be the Broncos' starter, says he's not interested in coaching in the NFL, and he wants to see Knowshon Moreno get a more consistent workload before judging him as a player. Davis also spoke about the knee injuries that ended his career and says he'll eventually have both of them replaced; plus, he's thankfully not had a migraine in 10 years. Finally, it seems TD has some regrets about all the time he sat out during blowouts in 1998 along the way to 2,008 yards, as it may have cost him an NFL record and perhaps stronger consideration for the HOF. But who knows - maybe if he had played more he would've gotten hurt and the Broncos wouldn't have won SB 33...

PFW's Alex Mayster checks in on the Broncos' embracing of social media, and Broncos PR guy Patrick Smyth makes it sound like John Elway doesn't actually do any of his tweeting on his own. Like, none of it.

LJ read Tebow's book so we don't have to; most notable in the uncontroversial is that Tebow was discouraged during last season about not playing more, he believes college athletes should be paid by the NCAA, and he discovered a couple years ago that praying does not make post-concussive symptoms go away. Plus, another book summary from USA Today.

In what we can hope is a preview of what Dennis Allen is bringing to Denver, Matt Bowen analyzes the Saints' use of Cover 2 with a clip of a Malcolm Jenkins pick six.

For some reason, Legwold thought it worthwhile to respond to an email question of whether Denver would trade Tebow to Jacksonville for Blaine Gabbert.

Some TD photos from the DP.

Pinnacol Assurance has apparently been under fire for perceived overspending, including for a suite at the Big IF.


Several more coaching staffs have come out publicly against the Coaches Association's pro-player brief.

Roger Goodell and a few owners met yesterday outside Chicago.

In a meandering column in which he apologizes to De Smith and then a paragraph later rips him to shreds, Hub Arkush writes that perhaps the best way to save the season is for the players to find ownership to start a new league.

Mike Wilkening tries to argue that the NFL is in danger of permanently hurting their brand with the lockout.

Jim Trotter checks in on the variety of places players are going to work out.


The Bills are going to unveil their new jerseys (which were shown in the Madden 12 pics already) on June 24.

The NFL has told the Niners to stop talking about their own free agents.

Chris Cooley says Kyle Shanahan is truly in charge of the Skins' offense.

Mike Silver is mighty pissed that Panthers players are keeping reporters away from their workouts and reminds them that they sucked in 2010.

In Khaled Elsayed's look at slot receivers, we see that Eddie Royal spent a lot of time in the slot and was thrown at a lot, but as we know, his production wasn't what it could be.

PFW's post-draft look at the Eagles, while Wes Bunting looks at the Gators' 2012 draft prospects.


Jack Bechta thinks colleges with big athletic programs need to hire more financially savvy people to handle their growing business.

Some nutjob has the Redskins' logo painted on her tooth.

NBC may be broadcasting the Stanley Cup Finals, but they don't even know who's playing.

During which, last night one player bit another guy's finger.

In case you didn't know that Chris Berman is a clueless buffoon, he offered a couple of reminders recently by showing he doesn't know that walkoff wins can only happen at home, and by nicknaming a player "Tossed Salas".

You think Little League dads are bad? How about Bulgarian soccer dads?

Adam Dunn is a sore loser when it comes to Words With Friends.

A remarkable kid in Kentucky had his dominant arm amputated but returned to the tennis team as a right-hander and made it to the state tourney playing doubles.

Some idiot Dodgers fan literally dropped his daughter so he could try to catch a foul ball, which he also dropped.

In honor of his retirement, ten Shaqtastic moments on YouTube. (via SOB)

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