The Daily Lard 6-19-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Jason Cole says to expect that this week's ownership meetings are going to mark a crucial point in the labor talks, as owners need to find a common ground among themselves before they can reach a deal with the players. Cole writes that the owners taking charge in the recent negotiations have been the more moderate ones, including Clark Hunt of the Chiefs and Dean Spanos of the Chargers, and that Jerry Richardson and Robert Kraft have softened from earlier hawkish stances.

Interestingly, Cole reports that many NFL owners do not know the framework of the deal as is being currently negotiated, due to Judge Boylan's order that the subject of the talks be kept as confidential as possible. Tuesday in Chicago is when the owners' meetings begin, so the hope is that there's not enough dissention there to hold up the deal. Cole writes that the outcome of those meetings could determine the future of Roger Goodell, whose power and relevance has come into question in recent months.


Floyd Little thinks the labor talks are down to posturing, and he thinks the two sides need to just get the deal done.

Kiszla: dumb questions, dumb answers to emails.

Current Texans GM and former Broncos coach and FO man Rick Smith has caught some heat this week from former Texans; first, it was Ahman Green saying that Smith accused him of faking an injury a few years ago. More recently Marcus Coleman (who didn't play under Smith at any point) said that Smith acted as a "mole" in the locker room for the Broncos' FO.


Roger Goodell wrote in a letter that the league is insisting that HGH testing be part of the new CBA.

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star says the interests of smaller market owners like Clark Hunt as opposed to those of guys like Jerry Jones are a key part of the labor talks.

Chad Pennington is taking the 2011 season off as he recovers from yet another injury and will be an analyst for FOX.

The turf at the Metrodome may need to be replaced.

Tiki Barber says he's attempting a comeback because he's been depressed without football.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei writes that it's time for Indy to plan for Peyton Manning's successor, and that free agency will be very unpredictable once it begins.

Nathan Jahnke on the greatness of Ravens DE Terrell Suggs.

Doug Farrar recently checked out a motivational seminar by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

One-liners via PFT.


Soon-to-be U.S. Open Champion Rory McIlroy had an interview punked by a kid with active eyebrows the other day.

Some Cleveland woman claims she's going to name her next child after Dirk Nowitzki in honor of the Mavs' takedown of LeBron and the Heat.

The brilliant Joe Buck thought a solo homer tied a 4-2 game yesterday.

Here's an on-plane video of the New Mexico football player who got arrested for his pants being too low on an flight the other day.

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