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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brandon Lloyd spoke to the guys on The Drive the other day, and he had the following to say about working out with Tim Tebow down in Florida:

I thought it was good. It’s better for morale going into the season when you see how good of shape guys are in. It’s kind of like, I want to see where dude’s at with his training and guys want to see where we’re at so we have some confidence going into the season. That’s how I took it. It was good to see that Tim’s improving on his drops, he’s improving on his timing, and within the first day we got into rhythm, within the first 20 minutes of it.


Chris Hall and Broncos TV examine the team's WR corps.

Albert Breer was apparently starstruck when he ran into John Elway for the first time, earlier this year in a bathroom. Sounds like he grew up a Broncos fan or something.

The Miami Herald got a few questions in with Tim Tebow as he continues his book tour.

Floyd Little spoke at the football camp of Daniel Graham, who says he'll always call Denver home no matter where he ends up playing.

Patrick Saunders shares his top ten list of the greatest Broncos. As much as I love Jason Elam, I can't see how a kicker can top the likes of the Snow Goose, Dennis Smith, Tom Jackson or Rich Jackson to name a few...

In going over the AFCW teams' needs, NFLN's Jamie Dukes doesn't think the Broncos should be in a rush to trade Kyle Orton, and he's not wild about them taking Von Miller instead of Marcell Dareus.


Adam Schefter is hearing that some owners are still feeling hawkish and don't like the direction of the negotiations. Albert Breer updates the situation.

Clark Judge says coaches are getting prepared to start working with players by late July.

John Clayton expects the next CBA to feature a big cut in rookie contracts, for the salary floor to be perhaps 90% of the cap, and to keep free agency at four years after players enter the league.

Former longtime senator Arlen Specter strangely thinks Congress should jump into the NFL's labor dispute, now that it sounds like real progress is being made. (Thanks, JV)

Greg Gabriel considers which parties are being most hurt by the lockout in football terms.

Alex Marvez says the lockout is all about revenue growth.

Woody gets some opinions from Boulder player agent Jack Mills on the lockout.


Thankfully, the NFL is looking into putting sensors in helmets to measure impact.

The league is in fact investigating several players for their involvement in the Alabama casino Jason Cole reported on.

Meanwhile, Cole says the Saints allowed Reggie Bush's agent to put out feelers before the draft to see who's interested in signing him.

Mike Silver checks in on some players who are working out regularly in Maryland.

Legwold examines the peculiarities of the league's rules regarding on-field coach-to-player communication devices.

Luis DeLoureiro and Kerry Byrne remind us that winning is all about passing and stopping the pass, and this is not just a "today" thing but a tenet that rings true when looking back throughout the history of the league.

Chiefs first-rounder Jon Baldwin has been getting to know his new teammates including Matt Cassel, whose home he stayed at.

PolitiFact (obviously) found that Ray Lewis' claim that crime would rise without football was ridiculous.

Bucky Brooks shares the next segment of his best players in the league, those ranking 21-30.

PFW on potential breakout players from the AFCE and AFCN, plus father/son QB duos and the implications of Oakland potentially drafting Terrelle Pryor.

Doug Farrar says the Raiders are okay with losing Nnamdi Asomugha because they have Stanford Routt.

Meanwhile, Jeffri Chadiha lists Asomugha and DeAngelo Williams among the players who could most impact new teams in 2011.

Russ Lande thinks Peyton Hillis will be a star in Cleveland for several years.

PFF's Mike Clay examines RB touchdown data to see who's likely to score more or less in 2011 than they did last year.


SI released their list of the top 50 earners among athletes of 2010. posted quite a headline at John Kruk's expense.

Sly Stallone was inducted to the Boxing HOF.

Some kids had their lemonade stand operation shut down outside the U.S. Open.

In opposition to all that is good in the world, Joe Morgan is about to have a radio show.

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless had a conversation about race and somehow it went kind of well.

Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of the O.J. chase.

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