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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! For the Sporting News, Vinnie Iyer takes a look at what John Fox faces with his new team in trying to make them a tougher and more balanced team. Iyer writes that Fox will give Von Miller a great chance to become a dominant playmaker and expects the rookie to become a leader in Denver. Plus, he thinks Tim Tebow will win the starting QB job and could see a big year out of Elvis Dumervil as opponents will hopefully not be able to double-team him with the presence of Miller.

Sadly, Iyer omits Robert Ayers from that equation and is another writer who doesn't realize that the "ex-Browns experiment" actually worked pretty well, if nearly making the SB with the third-fewest points allowed in 2005 means anything. There are plenty of personnel moves we can/should knock Mike Shanahan for, but the acquisition of Gerard Warren, Courtney Brown and Michael Myers are not among them. But I digress; Iyer also thinks the Broncos may go after DeAngelo Williams if he is indeed a free agent, and that a successful first season for Fox would be lifting the defense to middling and finding a long-term answer at QB.


Next up in Gray Caldwell's Q&A sessions is LBs coach Richard Smith, who had previously coached the Broncos' LBs and STs in the 1990s, back when the kick coverage units allowed touchdowns and the return units never scored. Smith spoke about returning to Denver and his excitement for the acquisition of Von Miller, who he doesn't see requiring much in the way of external motivation.

A Broncos neurosurgeon was found not to have been negligent when he didn't recommend spinal-fusion surgery for Al Wilson back in 2007. Wilson had sued the doctor, claiming that his diagnosis had cost him a potential $25 million contract as part of a trade in which Denver had agreed to send Wilson to the Giants.

Kyle Orton and Eric Decker worked out yesterday with Larry Fitzgerald.

Meanwhile, a group of about 35 Broncos worked out at Red Rocks yesterday, despite Woodrow having written that the player workouts had fizzled out.

The AZ Daily Star includes former Broncos WR Vance Johnson among the 100 most memorable athletes, teams and moments in the state's history.

Josh McDaniels' Greenwood Village house has been listed for sale, at less than he paid for it in 2009.


According to Legwold, a new deal around July 4 would result in a two-week free agency period, minicamp/OTAs in July, training camp in August and possibly a full preseason and regular season.

Steve Wyche reminds us that whenever the league year begins we'll be seeing some rookie holdouts.

Jason Cole writes that several NFL stars may be facing discipline from the league for their involvement in the financing of an Alabama casino.

The Packers got their SB rings yesterday, and they're huge.

Dennis Dillon is hearing that Philly is interested in Plaxico Burress, Reggie Bush and Albert Haynesworth.

Bucky Brooks examines a few possible destinations for Vince Young and thinks the Cowboys should be the NFCE's best passing team with Tony Romo back.

Kurt Warner speculated that his old mate Marc Bulger is content with being a backup QB.

David Tyree is a hater and for some reason thinks people care what he thinks about gay marriage.

Leigh Steinberg thinks the NFL's salary cap undercuts team continuity.

Khaled Elsayed's next pass-blocking column focuses on RBs and finds that Peyton Hillis is among the most efficient, while Knowshon Moreno was among the worst last year and Correll Buckhalter among the worst from the past few years.

In his latest Walkthrough, Mike Tanier ranks the top QBs in the history of the Ravens, Browns and Bengals.

Matt Bowen analyzes a Calvin Johnson TD catch in the red zone.


Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel is battling a serious immune system disorder.

Eric Berry is disavowing himself completely of the porn expo whose flyer featured his name and photo.

Isn't Vancouver supposed to be the most beautiful city in North America? What is up with its people and rioting?

KSK's latest Sex/FF mailbag.

It's bad enough having to deal with Chris Berman covering the NFL and MLB. Does he really have to ruin golf for us now, too?

Remember the video of the woman stealing a foul ball away from a little girl? Here's another gem, of some j/o wrestling a ball away from a woman who was thrown the ball by a player. What a loser.

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