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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Over at Shutdown Corner, Doug Farrar provides an excellent example of what's wrong with traditional cornerback stats and how dangerous they can be in the hands of people who don't understand their limited value, namely beat writers. Basically, some fool in Pittsburgh decided to float the idea that Ike Taylor is a superior player to Nnamdi Asomugha because he racks up more tackles, passes defensed and interceptions annually. Naturally, this hack John Harris doesn't know the concept of targets didn't think about how many times the two players were targeted and declined to consider the defensive schemes the two guys play in, their respective roles within them, and how those factors influence tackle stats.

Worst of all, Harris points to the Steelers' annual success (and Oakland's lack thereof) as proof that Taylor is a better player than Asomugha. Because, you know...the quality of a single cornerback is of course the difference between winning and losing. (As an aside, I experience this at work all the time when people claim that Player A on the Yanks is better than Player B on the Mets cuz he's got ringzzz!!! or that certain guys are winnerz ZOMG!!! even though they are backups/bench players.) Truly, it's good stuff from Farrar. He gets to the crux of what's wrong with a lot of mainstream sports coverage and reminds us that we need context with our stats, and/or just better stats. So, when's Farrar going to take down one of the writers we passionately follow here?


Speaking of, Legwold checks in on Von Miller, who has been working with A&M's ILB coach and former Cowboy Dat Nguyen on the nuances of playing outside in a 4-3 scheme. Miller is apparently one of the rookies who has a playbook, and he says he'd like to work out with Brian Dawkins & Co. at some point.

Next up in Gray Caldwell's series of interviews is WR coach Tyke Tolbert, who talked of getting more out of Eddie Royal and developing Britt Davis and Matt Willis. Tolbert says he's gotten plenty of insight from the incumbent coaches on his new charges, and he likes to stress playing well without the ball.

Legwold says that Pat Bowlen has been involved in the latest labor negotiations, if not publicly so.


According to Mike Freeman, the NFLPA has been telling team player reps to expect that a deal may be reached within a matter of weeks.

More meetings between the two sides are planned, but not before the owners convene next week in Chicago.

Greg Bishop writes that the negotiations are aimed at a deal that could provide 8-10 years of labor peace, and a key issue is how the players will benefit from any increases in TV revenues.

Meanwhile, Adam Schefter yesterday reported that the reintroduction of the lawyers to the talks caused some issues on Tuesday. Caution: lots of hyperbole in that one...

Jeff Pash says the owners have proposed spending 90% actual cash towards the salary cap, as opposed to having dead money carry over. As Florio points out, this would mean big bucks flowing whenever free agency opens.


A court case involving a Chiefs fan who was tossed out of Qualcomm is challenging the NFL's fan conduct rules.

Jags owner Wayne Weaver says he's not interested in moving the team to Los Angeles, while Al Michaels thinks the city will eventually be home to two NFL teams.

The lockout is providing injured players more time to heal up.

A porn expo used the images of several NFL players, and the league is looking into the issue.

Former Broncos CB Josh Bell is upset about not getting a SB ring from the Packers, for whom he spent the 2010 season on IR.

Mike Silver says to expect the Eagles to load up come veteran free agency.

Khaled Elsayed examines pass-blocking data for TEs, and of course finds that Daniel Graham blocked way more often than any other TE did last year, while both Graham and Dan Gronkowski ranked quite highly in terms of their pass-blocking efficiency.

Matt Bowen breaks down a Ryan Clark INT on a corner route during the AFC Championship Game.


Jack Bechta writes that college coaches are taking the same benefits that their players are, and at every major program the team stars are getting perks that are against the rules (notice it doesn't say improper here).

The Bruins won the Cup, and Tommy from Quinzee is excited.

This music video from PGA golfers Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan and Rickie Fowler is a must watch.

Forgot to post this yesterday - Stephen Colbert's stellar Sport Report from the other day featuring his commentary on the Heat's loss and freestyle canoeing.

A MiLB team is giving away Anthony Weiner-inspired boxer shorts at a game next month. Meanwhile another team is "giving away" LeBron James "replica championship rings".

Latest meme: Mark Cuban with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, everywhere.

Did Shaq have someone kidnapped, robbed and beat up for threatening him with a sex tape?

More talk of Woody Paige being a plagiarizer. (via AA)

Check out this hilarious site Accidental Chinese Hipsters. Unfortunately my grandmothers never wore baseball caps, but right about now I'm wishing they had...

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