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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Albert Breer writes that the labor negotiations are expected to continue today in MD, and that a new deal could possibly be reached within two to four weeks. A memo went out to the owners asking them to prepare for a multiple-day meeting next week, which is seen as a good sign. Breer also writes that in order to have a full preseason, it's figured that a deal must be reached by July 15.

According to John Clayton, the current talks are focused on the cut of revenues that will go to the players, who have reportedly proposed a "pegged cap" that would have fixed increases.

More on the positive developments from Vinnie Iyer.


New Denver secondary coach Ron Milus told Gray Caldwell he's excited to be back coaching the Broncos, and that his hallmark is fundamental soundness in terms of technique. Plus, Milus and Dennis Allen coached together at Texas A&M in 1999.

Woody responds to lockout questions and claims the Broncos' organized workouts have ceased in his latest mailbag. Don't even bother...

Only, they just so happened to work out yesterday, including Brady Quinn who doesn't sound too pleased about not having played last year. Plus, Quinn is doing some excellent charity work for child cancer patients and wounded war vets.

Another Tebow/Florida book signing story.

Legwold properly responds to a reader who thinks the lockout is all De Smith's fault.


PK doesn't buy the notion that the owners could be voting on a new CBA next week.

Andrew Brandt goes over the ten main issues being negotiated, while Florio lays out what has to happen once an agreement is reached.

The lockout has apparently put a halt to the NFLPA's financial support of Bruce Schwager, a former player for the Merchant Marine Academy who is in the dementia-care facility in Texas.

The self-important Clark Judge is mad that the negotiations took so long to heat up and doesn't plan to give De Smith and Roger Goodell anything in the way of credit when all's said and done.

Ross Tucker suggests his own plan to end the lockout.


Terrelle Pryor apologized to Jim Tressel at a news conference yesterday, while Drew Rosenhaus said something ridiculous about Pryor deserving to be a first-round supplemental pick.

Pat Kirwan ranks his top 25 offensive linemen in the league in tiers of five, with Ryan Clady falling in the third quintet.

Meanwhile, Clady surprisingly doesn't register on PFF's three-year pass blocking efficiency rankings, which means he must be middling by their measure.

Kirwan also ranks the league's top pass rushers in the same manner and also places Elvis Dumervil in the third grouping of five.

Greg Gabriel lists a few veteran free agent bargains.

In covering QB/Coach fits, Nolan Nawrocki largely whiffs on the Broncos in terms of facts, as Kyle Orton's doozy in KC was Josh McDaniels' last game as HC - Mike McCoy didn't take over the offense until the following week. Plus, Nawrocki writes that Orton struggles to throw the ball down the field, a point which Brandon Lloyd would likely take issue with. That said, Nawrocki does see Tebow emerging and having the skills to succeed.

Aaron Schatz looks at broken tackles from the offense's perspective and finds Knowshon Moreno and the Broncos to be middling.

Bucky Brooks wants to see more out of Joe Flacco in the playoffs before calling him a franchise QB.

Chris Brown focuses on the theory of using "constraint" plays on offense to force opponents into playing their base defenses.

Via FO, a new blog dedicated to the history of NFL uniforms.


KSK on the budding relationship between Goodell and Smith.

LeBron's Decision, reimagined and much improved.

Naturally, it was all our fault for misinterpreting LeBron's comments from Sunday night. Meanwhile, With Leather pens an open letter to LBJ.

New live album from Neil Young.

I'm sorry, but in my not-so-humble opinion there's just nobody better right now than Arcade Fire. Check out their Bonnaroo performance, particularly Power Out/Rebellion.

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