The Daily Lard 6-14-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! LJ checked in with Joe Mays, who is expected to enter training camp as the starting MLB in a competition for the job with rookie Nate Irving. Although Mays has bulked up his shoulders to comic-book proportions, he apparently plans on playing at around 245 pounds, which is his typical playing weight. Interestingly, LJ notes that Irving is another rookie who does not have a copy of the Broncos' playbook. So that's at least two rookies who have been acknowledged by the DP as not having a playbook (and thus we can probably assume none of them do) after one of their writers had previously said all the rooks got a copy when they were introduced at Dove Valley. Either way, can't one of the vets find their way to a Kinko's and hook their younger mates up?


Legwold responds to a question about Tim Tebow's weightlifting and says Johns Elway and Fox want the QB to get the ball out faster than he did last year.

Tebow helped an ailing teenager fulfill his Make-A-Wish dream yesterday.

A Salt Lake City writer theorizes about Tebow's appeal to women.

SB 32-winning safety Tony Veland was hit in the shoulder while driving in Nebraska as 10 gunshots were fired at his SUV.

KSK helps us see what it's like to hang out with Von Miller.

Ring of Famer Haven Moses joined Vic & Gary yesterday on the radio.


Andrew Brandt sums up the past week's labor developments.

Here's an AP story on the deplorable tactic of both the NFL and several teams in cutting salaries and furloughing their lowest paid workers.

On the flip side, the Ravens have given their assistant coaches contract extensions through the 2012 season.

Chiefs TE Leonard Pope saved a friend's young child from drowning on Saturday.

Plaxico Burress sure sounds like a humbled man in his interview with ESPN, and he plans on helping prevent youth gun violence.

An update on Mike Heimerdinger's battle with cancer.

Any questions as to Terrelle Pryor's plans have been answered by his signing with Drew Rosenhaus.

Mike Lombardi thinks the Mavs set a fine example for NFL teams with their locker room culture, while PFW sees parallels between the '07 Pats and the '11 Heat.

PFF interviewed Raiders CB Stanford Routt.

Matt Bowen analyzes Devin Hester as a kick returner and the coverage breakdowns that allow him to score.

Among his 2011 predictions (a little early for that?) Clark Judge says the Chargers will be back atop the AFCW and the Panthers will be picking first again.

After talking up Kyle Orton last week, John Clayton writes that the proof he's not an elite QB is that Denver drafted Tim Tebow. Bizarre.

Khaled Elsayed's next pass-blocking efficiency article looks at guards and centers; Denver's guards apparently are somewhere in the middle, while J.D. Walton ranks as ninth-worst but better than Casey Wiegmann (whose departure the McDaniels haters were flipping out about) and Maurkice Pouncey (whom most of the IAOFM staff wanted the Broncos to draft last year).


Jason Whitlock says it's already time to break up the Heat by perhaps trading the out-of-touch a-hole LeBron James. Oh, and some brilliant Twitter reactions to LeBron's comments.

With Leather recaps the Mavs' championship victory and reminds a bunch of sanctimonious writers that we are, in fact allowed to hate the Heat. Plus, Bill Simmons shares his theories on what happened to LeBron.

Macy's bought a congratulatory ad for the Heat's NBA title in the Miami Herald. Which went to print. Yesterday.

Drew interprets PK's MMQB.

I honestly don't think this e-Harmony profile video is real, but it's still flat-out hiliarous.

Epic Meal Time returns with masta pasta.

For those of you outside of NYC, I'm here to tell you that John Sterling is a horrible self-promoting hack of an announcer. Best is when he forces his signature It is high! It is far!! homerun call onto line drive dingers that take half a second to leave the park.

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