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Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Ingold of the DP has more info on the lawsuit filed by the insurance company St. Paul Fire & Marine against the Broncos and several retired players. California law allows professional athletes to file workers' comp claims as long as the player played at least one game within the state, and because NFL teams do not typically bring up workers' comp in conversations with their players, the typical 1- to 5-year statue of limitations for such cases does not apply. According to the Times, as of April 2010 there were 700 NFL players pursuing similar cases.

Ingold writes that the claim behind St. Paul Fire & Marine's lawsuit is that the firm is not responsible for these claims, and that the policies it sold the Broncos only covers claims in New Mexico by non-player employees.


Tom Martinez, the QB coach who has mentored Tom Brady since Brady was in high school, has been given one month to live due to diabetes complications.

In his latest MMQB column, PK says the owners have finally allowed that they'll share with the players a % of whatever profits they make over the next four years beyond their current projections. He also thinks it's a big deal that De Smith and The Commish had dinner the other night, and reports that players and owners have been working in small groups to hammer out the smaller details of their negotiations. Plus, PK apparently didn't quite understand the greatness of Phil Rivers and thinks Shanny should go after Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft.

NFL Alumni Association head George Martin has not yet gotten a meeting with De Smith, and he's not happy about it.

Matt Bowen analyzes a trio of pass route schemes he considers among the most important in today's NFL.

Khaled Elsayed continues his work on pass protection, now focusing on the 2010 pass blocking efficiency of tackles; Ryan Clady ranks #8 among left tackles, while Ryan Harris ranks #10 among right tackles.

Doug Farrar looks at the worst third-down backs of 2010 according to FO's data, with Matt Forte ranking last and Denver's Correll Buckhalter not far behind (not a shock).

PFF's Sam Monson breaks down the play of Jets LB Bart Scott.

Saturday marked the second edition of Broncos free agent Ryan McBean's free football camp at his former high school.


Bill Simmons examines the NBA's looming labor troubles.

Oh, and LeBron lost.

Not exactly proof that soccer players have great hand-eye coordination.

Ryan Dempster does a fantastic impression of Harry Caray.

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