The Daily Lard 6-11-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I'd love to wax unpoetic on something or the other, but frankly nothing jumps out. So let's just get straight to the links, and have a great Saturday everyone!

Gray Caldwell spoke with new offensive line coach Dave Magazu, who stressed that he wants his players to exhibit attitude and physicality.

St. Paul Fire & Insurance is suing the Broncos and several former players including Floyd Little, Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright and Barney Chavous over workers' comp claims.

The Broncos sent a care package to the family of a Broncos fan who perished while saving his family from the tornado in Joplin.

Golf Digest debunks USA Today's claim that Tim Tebow generates a ridiculous 141 mph clubhead speed. However, he still has a really fast swing.

More Broncos

A mob of fans greeted Tebow for a book signing at a Gainesville Wal-Mart.

Ryan McBean is running a football camp his former high school.

Former Broncos draftee Billy Miller is being inducted to his hometown Ventura County Sports HOF in California.


Albert Breer says the players and owners will meet again next week to negotiate. Doug Farrar is finding optimism abounding.

The Anschutz group that wants to bring a team to L.A. says the Raiders are in the running for a move there, but that would include Big Al selling the team. However, the team says they're not for sale.

Hawaii's new guv doesn't want the state to pay the NFL $4 million each year to bring the Pro Bowl to his state like it's been doing.

Former Cowboys LB Godfrey Myles died of a heart attack at age 42.

Brandon Marshall's wife is back in jail after violating her restraining order - she and Brandon had an argument which resulted in yet another 911 call on Thursday night.

Bucs coach Raheem Morris slipped up in saying he's in constant contact with some of his players.

Michael Strahan is among the latest former and current athletes to publicly support same-sex marriage.

The WSJ interviewed Plaxico Burress after his release from prison.

PFF's Mike Clay examines coaching trends and finds that Shanny is the most pass-heavy playcaller.

The Broncos surprisingly ranked as one of the surest tackling teams according to FO's data from last year.

John Clayton praises Kyle Orton among his list of the most underrated players in the NFL, while Bucky Brooks shares his 31-40 segment of the best players.

Matt Bowen analyzes the greatness of Ed Reed. You know, the guy Shanny passed up for Ashley freaking Lelie.

PFW ranks John Fox 12th in their head coaching power poll.


RIP Leonard B. Stern, creator of Mad Libs.

The guys at Grantland look back at the short-lived The National Sports Daily. I can remember excitedly going to the newstand for that one, especially the issue when George Steinbrenner got banned from baseball...

Gilbert Arenas live tweeted a blind date, and he was not very kind.

Some despicable woman stole a foul ball right out of the arms of a little girl. Thankfully, it was caught on television.

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