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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! During the most recent player/owner negotiations, Roger Goodell has been portrayed as quite a bit more than the ownership lapdog he was depicted as only weeks ago. Word is, the Commish has been key to the purported progress along with his recent dinner mate, NFLPA head De Smith. I wasn't sure if all this chatter was accurate or just a way to pump up Goodell's public image, not that it matters so much - after all, Goodell is just a representative of the owners, and the only impactful decisions he actually makes are suspensions (and hearing the appeals, but that's another debacle altogether).

Well, whatever positivity has been surrounding Goodell should be gone right about now, because he recently made it quite clear that he thinks we the fans are a bunch of morons. His schtick during recent season-ticket holder conference calls has featured iterations of the following:

We can't continue to shift the cost, whether it's the rising player cost or the rising cost of operating an NFL franchise, on to our fans. That's why we're trying to get a better economic model. And I think everyone understands that. You are not being left out of the equation. The fans are a big part of that equation and a big part of the success of NFL football.

So, your bosses locked out the players for our benefit? Gee, thanks Rog! Can't wait to see those cheaper ticket prices, and surely DirecTV's Sunday Ticket package will cost less once a new deal is reached, huh? Doug Farrar and Aaron Schatz offer their pointed reactions.


Legwold responds to an email about the oft-forgotten LenDale White. Just to put Legwold's ridiculous "to put that in perspective" point in proper perspective, only 12 different RBs on 11 different teams have scored 15 TDs in a season since CP last did so for the Broncos, including LenDale. So, it's not like that little bit of trivia says anything even remotely bad about the Broncos. Legwold also writes that Denver may be interested in fullback Mike Karney in free agency, while "most everyone in the league" thinks the Broncos will try to sign DeAngelo Williams.

More silliness from Captain Platitude: in taking a look at each of the AFC West teams, Legwold writes that "most teams see the Broncos as cash-poor" and points to John Fox's "record of quick turnarounds". You know, because he's done it once...Plus, he makes the Chiefs sound like they've been consistent winners for years by lumping them in with the Chargers.

PFW on the importance of Eddie Royal's return to health.

Tim Tebow continued making his rounds with an appearance on a Miami radio station - here's a partial transcript.

The truthiness of the Tebow driving range photo from the other day is in doubt, what with the lefthanded glove and the greased-up forearms. It's a good catch, because really - have you ever seen someone wearing a single golf glove on their bottom hand? Never happens - the whole point of a golf glove is to make up for the lesser strength and gripping power of your weaker hand (ie. the left hand for a right-handed player). Plus, in the other photo of Tebow working with Zach Johnson he's wearing two gloves, also strange in its own right...


Some dope in MA tried to spread a rumor that the two sides had come to an agreement.

Pats owner Robert Kraft sees positivity in the recent negotiations. Aren't these guys not supposed to speak publicly about the talks? Farrar reacts.

Mike Freeman is hearing that Goodell is doing well to manage the more hawkish owners, while both sides respect Judge Boylan.

Gary Myers says it's time to get a deal done.

Cris Collinsworth is sticking to his claim that some games will be canceled this season.


Terrelle Pryor was claimed by the CFL's Roughriders; Greg Cosell and others tell Don Banks that Pryor is a long way from being an NFL-caliber QB, while Jason Cole hears that NFL evaluators are turned off by Pryor's mechanics and maturity.

Titans WR and former Rod Smith mentee Kenny Britt was arrested again, this time for marijuana possession and resisting arrest in Newark.

The missing Heisman of Reggie Bush has been located in San Diego.

Joe Theismann is the latest to defend Jay Cutler. Again though, the reaction of players to Cutler says more about how he's perceived around the league than anything else. Of course nobody can say whether he should have played or not...

Pat Kirwan thinks offensive guards will be seeing some big bucks coming their way once free agency opens.

Bucky Brooks sees starting potential in a few backup QBs.

Jason Cole expects to see more injuries than usual in coming months. Boy, can't wait to read that string of articles...

In his latest Walkthrough, Mike Tanier examines 2nd-and-10 playcalling and the top QBs in Bills, Pats and Dolphins history.

Here's the rest of Khaled Elsayed's pass protection rankings, with the Colts coming in at #1.

Matt Bowen breaks down the Bears' zone blitz and how to beat it.

PFW checks in on the state of the Redskins.


On Bill Simmons' new site Grantland, Chuck Klosterman explains why watching live sports is better than watching on DVR.

Aaron Rodgers threw out the first pitch at Miller Park before the Mets closed out their series against the Brewers.

This is why they're the Worldwide Leader, folks.

Then again, there's no mocking Bob Ley. His greatness speaks raps for itself...

KSK's latest Sex/Fantasy Football mailbag.

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