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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Las Vegas Sun has a story on Denver's fourth-round pick Quinton Carter and his remarkable contributions to his community. The Vegas native and former Sooners safety started a charitable organization while a sophomore in college which helps children and low-income families through fundraisers and free football camps, with free medical care next on the horizon. This past weekend marked his group's third annual camp, during which Carter stressed the value of education and nutrition via lectures and classroom work in addition to time on the football field, and concluded with a cookout for the attendees' families on Monday.

The Sun's story includes a link to a Sports Illustrated article from last fall on Carter's incredible charity work and his organization SOUL (Serving Others through Unity and Leadership). Quinton came up with the name for the nonprofit group on his own and specifically set out not to include his own name, which frankly is mindblowing considering that he was only 19 or 20 years old at the time. Even today he's only 22 years old, and let's hope a lengthy career with the Broncos stands in front of him to help expand his platform.


BR has an interview with Broncos first-rounder Von Miller, who says he'll be wearing #58 for Denver in honor of HOFer Derrick Thomas, after whom he's modeled himself on the football field.

Basically repeating his own story from the other day, Legwold passionately quotes Shannon Sharpe on the importance of players maintaining their conditioning throughout the lockout.

MJD chimes in on Elway versus Elway the band.

Tim Tebow's book was released yesterday, and tomorrow he'll be appearing on The Daily Show. Hopefully Tebow is better prepared for it than Rex Ryan was for Colbert...

The Tucson Citizen reviews Tebow's book, while USA Today shares a slideshow of Tebow.

Some youth football camps are being impacted by the lockout this summer, as players and coaches cannot be in contact with each other.

However, Daniel Graham's youth camps will go on as scheduled.


McDonald wonders just how much Oakland will blitz this season under the direction of Chuck Bresnahan.

PFW's post-draft look at the Raiders.

Ryan Leaf had a benign tumor removed from his brain stem last week.


Arguments before the Eighth Circuit for the NFL's appeal of the lockout injunction begin on Friday, and Judy Battista writes that the decision that results could finally bring about real progress.

Andrew Brandt begins his preview of the appeal.

Despite the owners' pleas that they are struggling financially, season-ticket sales are outpacing those of last year.

The NFLPA is capitalizing upon the league's cancellation of the annual rookie symposium by crafting their own version of it.

Contrary to Matt Bowen, Ross Tucker found value in the symposium.

Ron Borges finds the rhetoric on both sides of the lockout to be ridiculous, but especially so the owners' empty pleas to get back to the negotiating table and their disgusting move to cut the salaries of their lowest-paid employees.


HOF defensive end Andy Robustelli, who played for the Giants and Rams, passed away at 85.

If players apply for it, there will be a supplemental draft sometime this summer, and the suspended Buckeyes will reportedly be eligible for it. Farrar considers the implications.

The Sporting News shares 100 reasons to love the NFL.

Trent Dilfer explained to AOL News just how NFL players go about memorizing those massive playbooks.

Pat Kirwan thinks some players were snubbed and/or underappreciated in the NFLN Top 100 list.

Sione Pouha of the Jets has started a series of YouTube videos chronicling the lockout as experienced by his teammates and himself.

EA unveiled their Peyton Hillis cover for Madden 12 along with a $90 version featuring Marshall Faulk. Meanwhile, Nathan Jahnke focuses on Hillis' emergence on the field.

PK responds to emails, while KSK interprets his MMQB.

Greg Gabriel offers thoughts on Jim Tressel and the owners' cutting of employee salaries, focusing strangely only on the coaches.

Russ Lande thinks Rex Grossman is tough, but not very good.

D.J. Williams ranks highly on FO's list of pass defeats from 2010.


Jason Whitlock thinks black athletes need to promote self-respect by not using racial slurs.

Plus, he reminds us that it's not people like Jim Tressel that are the problem with NCAA sports, but rather it's the system.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading.

Chris Chase examines Tony Romo and Candice Crawford's wedding registry.

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