WADA Lard 5-9-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Judy Battista writes that the NFL has been in contact with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) about possibly overseeing the league's PED testing going forward. And if Judge Nelson's lockout injunction is upheld by the Eighth Circuit (whose decision is expected any day now), without the existence of a players' union the league will be free to impose rules that include third-party and HGH testing, both of which the NFLPA has resisted in the past. But while the league is likely to begin drug testing in short order should the Eighth Circuit rule for the players, Battista writes that the inclusion of HGH testing would not occur until later on in the year.

Of course, if the courts continue to show they have the players' backs in their dispute with ownership, then such a unilateral move by the NFL to institute HGH testing could only serve to open the league to more legal losses, upon a sure challenge by the players. How do you feel about HGH testing in the NFL? Do you feel strongly either for or against it, or are you indifferent as to if/when it finally does get instituted?


Legwold writes that the Broncos' first draft under John Fox shows that the coach wants faster players, more leaders and more takeaways.

To no surprise at all, CHFF's ranking of teams in terms of draft quality over the past ten years finds Denver near the bottom, as the team has found few stars and the ones they did draft are either pouting or getting stabbed elsewhere. Well, at least the Broncos didn't get an "F".

Among their AFC Whispers, PFW kind of hints (or not) that the Broncos may go after a high-profile running back in free agency. Plus, Dexter McCluster is expected to be featured more in KC's offense, and the Raiders' stadium lease runs through 2013 - who knows where they go after that?

Eagles safety Quintin Mikell reiterates that Brian Dawkins was very upset about how he departed Philly, and Mikell is expecting the same sort of farewell himself.


Florio & Co. are hearing rumors that if the Eighth Circuit agrees with Judge Nelson and ends the lockout for good, the NFL and its owners may simply shut down business entirely in a desperate play for leverage over the players.

Meanwhile, PFW is hearing that several teams have been contacting undrafted players, which would constitute tampering. Surely, Judge Nelson will be thrilled if she catches wind of these developments...

Matt Bowen thinks highly-drafted rookies should all hit the field, quarterbacks inclusive. And while Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers are constantly thrown out there as counterpoints to that argument, who's to say those two QBs wouldn't be as good as they are now had they played earlier?

PK focuses on Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett in his MMQB.

NFL.com points out that there may only be five top running backs in free agency, including the oft-rumored Denver target DeAngelo Williams.

Greg Gabriel goes over the drafts of the AFC North teams.

John Clayton responds to emails, if you can bear it.

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