The Daily Lard 5-8-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans, and Happy Mother's Day! Kiszla thinks the Broncos should go with Tim Tebow this year to see what he's made of, and if that doesn't work out then maybe they'll have a shot at Andrew Luck next April. Sounds about right to me...


LJ offers up a fine profile of new Broncos TE Julius Thomas, who only picked up the game last year for the first time since 9th grade.

Tebow's first charity golf tournament took place at TPC Sawgrass yesterday.

Kiszla thinks Denver reached for Orlando Franklin and should have instead taken Da'Quan Bowers. Plus, he correctly points out that had Josh McDaniels run this draft which produced zero DTs, the ex-coach would've been completely vilified.

Teicher focuses on Handshake Haley's bright history of turning out great wideouts.

David White is leaving the Chronicle and coverage of the Raiders to become a pastor. I suppose years of hanging around that bunch would turn anyone to such a drastic life change...


The Packers may expand Lambeau Field by as many as 7,500 new seats.

Now that the draft is over and the lockout remains, assistant coaches everywhere are in a state of limbo.

Mike Ditka told Krieger that Pouty Pants needs to quit his skulking around.

As Alan Schwarz points out, the next step in football-related CTE research is actually seeing brains of ex-players that don't exhibit the destructive condition.

Player agent Arn Tellem thinks the NFLPA has played too much of a reactive and submissive role over the years and wonders if there's a better way for players to defend their rights than through a union.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei writes that the Broncos could have one of the more impactful draft classes around the league - you know, because of how much they sucked last year.

Among PFW's NFC Whispers, they're hearing that Green Bay almost took Bowers at the end of round one.

Wes Bunting thinks the Bucs got a steal with Bowers at #51 overall.

Gary Myers thinks Sexy Rexy's obnoxious boasting merely point to the Green & White of NJ's striking inferiority complex as relates to the G-Men and their three championships during my lifetime (as opposed to none for the Jets).


More memories of Seve Ballesteros.

Justin Verlander tossed his second career no-no, and he was thisclose to perfection.

Animal Kingdom won the Derby.

Manny Pacquiao easily beat Shane Mosley.

Epic Meal Time serves up something special for Mother's Day.

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