Say it ain’t so, Gus!!! Lard 5-7-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The chances of the Broncos or any other AFC team being involved in any wild finishes like this one or this one just went down oh, I don't know...about ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. In basically the worst broadcasting news in history, Gus Johnson and CBS were unable to reach agreement on a new deal, so the electric announcer is moving on. In other words, no more Gus for AFC football or NCAA tourney games. I'm going to go cry now...but before I do, here's Gus describing and reenacting the Stokley call, Part 1Part 2 (Stokley again), Part 3 and Part 4 of the Best of Gus on YouTube. For good measure, here's the Stokley play as called by Gus in Tecmo form. It just doesn't get old...


In considering the landing spots of the best potential sack men, Doug Farrar thinks the Broncos will have a lot of fun with their shiny new toy Von Miller. Strangely no mention of Dennis Allen, but whatever...

Arnie profiles Denver second-rounders Rahim Moore and Orlando Franklin.

Legwold thinks the Denver FO has no real investment in any of the three QBs and thinks there truly will be an open competition at the position.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. isn't so sure that Knowshon Moreno is a #1 running back.

Here's the Syracuse University website's story on the school's hiring of Floyd Little.

Panthers WR Steve Smith said he'd like to be traded to the Chargers, Raiders or Ravens. Acee considers the possibility for San Diego.

Chargers LB Antwan Applewhite was arrested under suspicion of DUI.

It's been a year since Oakland dumped JaMarcus the Hutt; Williamson on whether he'll ever come back and McDonald on Nolan Nawrocki's prescient pre-draft evaluation of the Hutt.


Legal analysts are confused by the delay of the Eighth Circuit's ruling on the permanent stay of the lockout injunction.

Andrew Brandt doesn't think the players' vitriol being directed at Roger Goodell is a big deal.

The Vikings are reportedly close to a deal for a new stadium in Minnesota, while Vikes CB Chris Cook was acquitted on gun charges.

Arizona is reportedly not interested in acquiring Donovan McNabb.

Sounds like Randy Moss won't be back in Tennessee.

Colin Kaepernick is going to pick Andrew Luck's brain to help him learn Jim Harbaugh's offense.

Darren Rovell says Champion's move to distance itself from Rashard Mendenhall was probably more about calling attention to themselves than any moral uproar.

Mike Martz says he does in fact want to keep working with Pouty Pants; he just wants more cash to do so.

Jared Allen apparently needs to mind his own beeswax.

It's time for the annual Brett Favre Hey Remember Me? stories...

A few NFL coaches are utilizing all this free time to write books. (via SOB)

Post-fact Mockery

Although he still doesn't love Von Miller's fit in Denver, Wes Bunting projects him as the one of the best rookie LBs in 2011.

Bucky Brooks grades the AFC North and NFC North teams' drafts.

Brooks gave his highest marks to the Pats, Saints, Giants and Lions.

Greg Gabriel reviews the draft work of the NFC East teams.

John Clayton and Don Banks focus on the plight of undrafted players and their state of limbo.

Not surprisingly, the Broncos didn't make the second tier of CHFF's 10-year draft review.


The world of golf lost one of its truly great players and personalities yesterday, as five-time major winner Seve Ballesteros passed away at 54. ESPN and the NYT eulogize him, while has a full section of Seve memories.

Did the folks at Eater realize when they made it Burger Week a couple weeks ago that May is apparently National Burger Month?

Ted Bartlett's hometown mysteriously became the home of a tire mountain. (via SOB)

Bestiality and baggy pants are out in Florida.

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