Setting Woody’s record straight (someone’s gotta do it) Lard 5-6-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Channel 3 Sports in Arizona is reporting that the Cardinals have had "preliminary contact" with the Broncos about acquiring Kyle Orton. The report also states that Denver believes the Cards would only be interested in Orton if they were unable to trade for Eagles backup Kevin Kolb.

Meanwhile, Orton has apparently been working out with his Broncos teammates in Denver. The players have yet to conduct formal practices, but honestly that's completely besides the point. Anyone suppose Woodrow is going to come forth with some sort of apology/mea culpa after his column from yesterday? Well, here's what the standup DP did: they removed the little part about Orton playing golf at Bandon Dunes from the column and slipped this little nugget in at the bottom:

Editor's note: Woody Paige originally reported that Orton was playing golf in Oregon. Orton is working out in Denver, according to Judianne Atencio of ProLink Sports.

Of course, a correction like this one is only going to reach folks who hadn't already read the column yesterday. How many OCD folks like me are revisiting it (to link it here)? Can someone who gets the hard copy of the DP today tell us if there's a separate note of correction somewhere? Obviously, it remains to be seen what Woody does to address his mistake directly, but perhaps some of the "eight hours" he claims he spent researching defensive tackles would have been put to better use confirming Kyle Orton's whereabouts...


PFW is hearing that Renaldo Hill and his $2.4 million salary is more likely to be cut than is Brian Dawkins and his $6 million number.

Pat Kirwan thinks Orton may be among the veteran QBs moved this offseason, but he's not certain.

Of course if Judge Nelson's lockout injunction is upheld today, the Broncos will be able to practice as a team shortly. If not, then Brian Dawkins will be organizing team workouts but not practices.

Not only did the Broncos consider moving back into the first round to acquire Nick Fairley, but they also thought about doing the same for Corey Liuget. However, both players went higher (to Detroit and San Diego, respectively) than Denver was willing/able to go in order to get either player.

HOFer Floyd Little has accepted a job at his alma mater to be a special assistant to Syracuse's AD. Klis' story on the same.


Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has been working out with some of his receivers.

KC owner Clark Hunt and the Commish played the role of Chicken Little together while speaking to Chiefs season-ticket holders yesterday.

A.J. Smith is feeling good about his team.

Pat Kirwan on the Raiders' continuing addiction to speed.

The City of Oaktown will derive some financial benefit from the hilarious renaming of the Coliseum.


NFLN's new broadcast duo will consist of Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler.

Wade Phillips reportedly plans to move Mario Williams to the Will.

It doesn't sound like FA defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins will be retained by the Packers, but he says he'd like to stay.

Also of interest to the Broncos is that PFW is hearing there's a good chance Seattle will hang onto Matt Hasselbeck.

Not only is Drew Brees motivitating his guys to practice with him, but he is going to his pocket for them to do so. BTW, the Saints' players have been utilizing some interesting workout methods on their own time.

Hines Ward was arrested at gunpoint because his girlfriend? is an idiot. I mean, who would report a car stolen and then not let the popo know that it had been found, and not actually stolen? Ward called the whole thing a "non story" and said the police apologized to him afterwards.

Tedy Bruschi, Jeff Fisher and Chad Lewis will attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro next week to support the Wounded Warriors Project.

Rashard Mendenhall lost an endorsement with Champion thanks to his tweets.

Husband and Dad of the Year Tiki Barber still has the nerve to talk about himself.

Jason Cole wonders if the McCourt/Dodgers ownership disaster could help open the door for the NFL in La-La Land.

Matt Bowen hits up some film on the Bears to break down Mike Martz's utilization of a "rail route." Bowen also examines how Aaron Rodgers and the Packers beat the Giants' Tampa 2.

Andy Benoit reviews the 2010 Cardinals.

More captionization of the 2011 Draft by KSK.

Chad Johnson and Marvin Lewis apparently just broke up; KSK has all the deets.

Post-fact Mockery

In his review of the AFC West teams' drafts, Bucky Brooks gives the Broncos a "B+" and praises all of their top selections.

Among the second- and third-round picks that raised Wes Bunting's eyebrows was Denver's selection of Nate Irving - he sees the LB as a two-down player who will struggle in coverage.

Pat Kirwan thinks the number of offensive tackles and defensive linemen drafted early will weaken the market for those positions' free agent vets.

Here's Brooks' review of the NFC West teams' drafts.

FO is running a series of post-draft evaluations; here's Aaron Schatz's review of the AFC North teams' work. Meanwhile, Mike Tanier thinks the NFC South as a whole had a terrific draft.

Jason Cole thinks the failed trade between Chicago and Baltimore should inspire a rule change.


Whatever work Sir Charles put in with Hank Haney has not helped a single iota.

We can add standing in front of the smoke machine in NHL pregame intros to the list of Things Never To Do, Ever.

Remembah that Chowdahhead that got destroyed at Fenway the other night? He may in fact be the missing link...

We can only hope that John Fox brings to Denver the sort of intensity Augie Garrido brings to Longhorns baseball.

April's funniest sports photos. (via SOB)

Oh, my. A Florida minor league team may end up calling themselves the Mullets. You know - after the fish.

Not for nothing, but who on Earth would want to buy a book "written" by John Rocker?

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