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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! There is a growing dispute over the quality of evidence the NFL holds regarding the Saints' bounty scandal. Former US Attorney Mary Jo White says the NFL has some powerful evidence against New Orleans, perhaps referring to DE Anthony Hargrove's reported written statement detailing the bounty system and acknowledging his role in it.

That would probably qualify as strong-to-quite-strong evidence, right? Well, an NFLPA lawyer doesn't think so, and Mike Silver says the NFL must publicize whatever evidence they do have, stressing that there appears to be no proof of money changing hands, or of any players actually suffering injuries resulting from hits delivered with intent to harm.

Meanwhile, suspended LB Jonathan Vilma requested a meeting with the NFL prior to the announcement of his suspension, but he then decided not to go on advice from his lawyers.


Mike Tanier loves Brock Osweiler's arm strength, timing, accuracy, and anticipation, but he also worries the QB could already be less mobile than he is now, once he hits the field in earnest.

The hometown paper of Ramzee Robinson describes the cornerback's path to the NFL and to Denver, where he has been asked to lead the team's Bible study group.

Khaled Elsayed examines pass rush data for defensive backs and finds nobody was more impactful in getting after the QB last year than Brian Dawkins.


The family of Junior Seau has decided to allow CTE researchers to study his brain; more links are still being added to our Seau story.

A new group of 100 players, including Dirty Bird Jamal Anderson and Favruh predecessor Don Majkowski, has filed suit against the league for its handling of head injuries.

The widow of Ray Easterling plans to continue the fight to improve treatment and medical coverage for retired NFL players.

New England again released Tiquan Underwood, the WR they had cut the night before the Super Bowl; Jacksonville released CB Drew Coleman; Tampa Bay signed DT Gary Gibson; RB Ryan Grant is reportedly mulling an offer to join the Lions; newly-released former Texans WR Jacoby Jones visited with Carolina; the son of Darrell Green will get a tryout with the Panthers.

Although Terrell Suggs says he plans to come back from his Achilles injury this season, one doctor says Suggs would be at a very high risk of a complete tear were he to attempt an early return; Matt Bowen weighs the loss of Suggs for Baltimore.

Browns reporter Tony Grossi says the (appropriately disgusted) reaction from Colt McCoy's dad to the handling of his son's concussions placed Colt on the shitlist of SB 32 loser Mike Holmgren.

The Minnesota legislature will vote on a proposal for a new Vikings stadium on Monday.

Police filed criminal mischief charges against Deion Sanders related to his divorce.


Doug Farrar scouts new Seahawks pass rusher Bruce Irvin; Mike Tanier regrets calling Seattle's choice of Irvin a reach, although he still doesn't love the pick. Plus, he got shut out at Heartland Brewery, a crappy chain bar near Radio City which is often closing up just as concerts at Radio City ( essentially across the street) are emptying out. Brilliant business strategy...

Some post-draft thoughts from Mike Mayock; Bucky Brooks evaluates the AFCS teams' drafts, while Greg Gabriel does the same for the NFCS teams; Wes Bunting lists his favorite second-round values.

Could there ever be a more appropriate photo of Jay Cutler? Probably not.

PFF rounded out there top 101 players with their top 10, including links to writeups of each player.

Notre Dame's idiot QB was pepper sprayed and arrested after kneeing a cop, and a teammate was arrested after threatening the cops.

Over at AA, some more reaction to the Sarah Phillips scandal, plus Brad Gagnon lists athletes he'd like to see host SNL, as Eli Manning prepares to do so tomorrow.

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