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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Apologies for the late Lard of late; I've been out of town for a few days, and we'll be back on the normal schedule tomorrow. Tim Tebow was the keynote speaker at John Lynch's scholarship/awards luncheon for area middle- and high-school students, and he spoke more about his workout program so far this offseason. Tebow says he's been focusing on play-action passing and has been able to spend time with "most of the guys," whatever that means. Of course, he's now got a new playbook to study courtesy of Mike McCoy. Here are Andrew Mason and Gray Caldwell's stories on the luncheon.


LJ on the car crash that nearly ended Nate Irving's life two years ago, and the effects it's had on the player since.

Rahim Moore says football has allowed him to avoid the path that's damaged his parents' lives.

Von Miller worked out with Tebow yesterday and will be doing the same with some of his fellow Broncos draftees in Dallas.

Here's LJ's story on the luncheon and Miller and Tebow's workout, plus video of Tebow speaking at the event and with reporters.

The Broncos are quite fortunate the Niners were unsuccessful in their efforts to trade back into the first round for Colin Kaepernick.

Mike Rice's thoughts on the Broncos' draft.

Post-fact Mockery

Don't feel bad if you were confused by the presence of a Jordan Cameron and Cameron Jordan in the draft; the Browns picked the former but called the latter on draft day.

Doug Farrar lists his favorite undrafted offensive and defensive players.

Plus New Era's top ten undrafted players.

Pat Kirwan isn't buying the criticism of the Patriots and Seahawks' drafts.

Bucky Brooks grades the drafts of the AFC South and NFC South teams, while Greg Gabriel analyzes the AFC East squads' drafts.

Kerry Byrne LOVES the Broncos' draft haul and gives them an "A" among his draft grades. (thanks, JV)

Denver's draft GPA across the MSM writers FO polled is a 2.85.

Plus, Farrar's latest podcast with Charles Davis.

KSK captionizes the draft, including a dig at The Greatest Ever.


The Eighth Circuit granted the NFL's request for an expedited appeal, the arguments for which will begin on June 3.

Andrew Brandt's guess is that the permanent stay will be granted because the expedited appeal means there should be a resolution in just over a month's time.

Jack Bechta believes the delayed process of signing undrafted free agents will help the players find their ideal NFL homes.

Mark Herzlich was among the players selected in the UFL's draft.

Cam Newton wants Jimmy Clausen's job and his jersey. The latter will cost him dearly.

Details and testimony from Chris Simms' trial.

Tony Romo is going to make another attempt at qualifying for the U.S. Open.

Sexy Rexy was on Letterman.

First it was Tony La Russa's daughter becoming a Raiderette. Now, it's Doug Flutie's daughter becoming a Pats cheerleader.

Andy Benoit's film review of the 2010 Niners and Seahawks.

Acee tries to answer some questions about which veteran FAs the Chargers will try to retain.

PK responds to emails.

One-liners via PFT.


There will be a Pac-10 channel on cable next year, although the conference's biggest football and basketball games will be broadcast on ESPN and FOX's networks.

Not Epic Meal Time's finest, but it's hard to go wrong with cheese, cheese, cheese, bacon, bread, beer batter and booze.

Some Masshole got absolutely drilled after he ran onto the field at Fenway.

The Canucks have a couple of fans who heckle opposing players in the penalty box while wearing green bodysuits. Apparently, the Predators are poor sports...

Bruins D-Man Adam McQuaid made a rather poor attempt at a flying headbutt against the Flyers.

Butt-slapping is a pretty common thing in sports. But not DURING A PLAY!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, Orlando Hudson disagrees. (via SOB)

How's this combination - a dude, some lingerie, a knife, a goat, some porn and bath salts. Obviously, this did not end well, at all. (via SOB)

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