The Daily Lard 5-31-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to Adam Schefter, Tim Tebow flew Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney and Britt Davis to Jacksonville last week, put them up in a hotel, and the quartet spent the week working out together. Unable to make the trip were Eric Decker (his own charity event back in Minnesota), Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal (still recovering from their surgeries). Schefter says the group will soon meet again - this time in Arizona - to spend another two weeks working out together.


Russ Lande evaluates Kyle Orton, calling him a solid QB who struggles when plays break down, and says Orton is certain to be traded - for a third-rounder or conditional fourth-rounder.

Lloyd answered a bunch of interesting questions during his visit to the NFLN studio the other day, including the origin of the "Can't see me" celebration.

Mike Rice considers the Broncos' possible moves once the league year starts - signing a defensive lineman or two, adding a running back and clarifyiing the quarterback situation.

Vic Lombardi picked Mike Ditka's brain on Jay Cutler, Orton, Tebow and the lockout.

LJ examines the unenviable situation undrafted free agents are facing at this point, specifically the Denver-area players.


The folks in Indy are worried about whether they'll get to host the Super Bowl in February.

Kevin Acee shares an excellent, lengthy profile on San Diego's top pick Corey Liuget.

CFT and PFT are speculating about the possibility that Terrelle Pryor could follow his fellow Buckeye Mo Clarett in challenging the legality of the NFL Draft.

Pat Kirwan ranks Knowshon Moreno in the 21-25 range among the top 45 running backs in the league, calling him a solid back.

To no great surprise, Brandon Lloyd ranks quite highly in terms of deep pass stats. Interestingly, Jabar Gaffney ranks among the top receivers in terms of deep ball catch percentage.

Matt Bowen considers the versatility and talent of Packers TE Jermichael Finley.

John Clayton responds to emails.

PFW's post-draft look at the NJ Jets.


GIl Brandt thinks his friend Jim Tressel is done as far as major conference football goes.

Why did Tressel resign? Well, it wasn't just about players selling memorabilia. Sports Illustrated has uncovered a slew of violations.

Epic Meal Time is back with an 84 Egg Sandwich.

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