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Happy Memorial Day, Broncos fans! As always, many thanks to all those who serve and have served, along with their families. We are all greatly appreciative for your/their sacrifices. Have a safe and happy holiday, enjoy plenty of smoked and/or grilled meats and your beverages of choice, and please don't drink and drive.

UPDATE 9:30AM ET - Jim Tressel has resigned as head coach of the Buckeyes


Brandon Lloyd ended up being ranked as #58 on the players' list of the top 100 players of 2011. Here are a couple of great segments from NFLN: the first has Brian Dawkins speaking to the greatness of Lloyd's season and how difficult he is to cover in practice, while the second clip, while the second has Lloyd in studio speaking with one of his old mentors, Torry Holt. Plenty of great highlights in both segments.

Nathan Jahnke thinks Lloyd should have ranked much higher, as his season was by far the best of any WR according to PFF's pass rating. Jahnke also explains away Lloyd's relatively low catch rate and thinks he may have been held back a bit by the limitations of Kyle Orton's skills.

Legwold writes passionately about the importance of self-motivation among players during the lockout to stay in shape and be prepared for whatever is to become of the 2011 season, sharing quotes from Big Play Shay, Dawk, John Lynch and Shanny along the way.

Dusty Saunders details the coverage KUSA is expected to provide of the Broncos over the next two years, including preseason games called by Verne Lundquist, weekly shows with Johns Elway and Fox, pregame shows and more.


Chester Pitts says the players are standing strong, and he was upset by Kurt Warner's recent statement that the players need to back down and come to an agreement with the owners.

The Vikings are the latest team to say no to HBO.

Steelers LB Larry Foote is angered by the fact that his hometown Lions and other teams are cutting the salaries and laying off some of their lower-paid employees.

Tony Romo got hitched on Saturday night, while Chad Johnson has been waiting tables.

Peter King focuses on the Chiefs and Rams' efforts to help with relief in Joplin in his latest MMQB. Plus, he continues his own ridiculous shadow Top 100 Players list and jumps on the Ken Anderson for the HOF bandwagon.

In a column which PK refers to in his MMQB, Greg Bedard questions the tactics of Roger Goodell in helping Rex Ryan keep Santonio Holmes on the straight and narrow.

Sam Farmer of the LA Times thinks there's a 70% chance of the season being shortened. Where he came up with that precise number is beyond me.

PFW's post-draft look at the G-Men.

Jahnke examines the greatness of Jamaal Charles and explains the futility of traditional punting stats.

Matt Bowen examines the load option as run by Tommie Frazier and the Huskers under Tom Osborne.


A female golfer has qualified for the Canadian men's tour.

The Indy 500 featured a heartbreaking ending for JR Hildebrand.

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