RIP Junior Seau Lard 5-3-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans. We've continued to add quotes and links to our story on the death of Junior Seau, and will continue to do so. Some poignant words about player safety and the future of football from the man himself are worth emphasizing here, via Jim Trotter:

In March, we spoke about the perception that commissioner Roger Goodell was making the game too soft with his enhanced enforcement of player safety rules. "It has to happen," he said. "Those who are saying the game is changing for the worse, well, they don't have a father who can't remember his name because of the game. I'm pretty sure if everybody had to wake with their dad not knowing his name, not knowing his kids' name, not being able to function at a normal rate after football, they would understand that the game needs to change. If it doesn't there are going to be more players, more great players, being affected by the things that we know of and aren't changing. That's not right." (h/t Judy Battista)

RIP, Junior. You will be missed.


Denver's offseason has moved along to its next stage, where coaches are able to oversee individual and positional workouts by the players.

Brandon Stokley (video) says he's enjoying getting another shot at playing in the NFL and with Peyton Manning, and that Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas are growing into leadership roles.

Likewise, Willis McGahee (video) says he's "ecstatic" about teaming up with PMFM, and that Manning and Decker are forming a strong bond.

Denver has scheduled its rookie minicamp on May 11-13, OTAs on May 21-23, May 30-June 1, and June 4-7, and full-squad minicamp on June 12-14.

No excuse is necessary to repost a video extolling the greatness of John Elway, even if NFL Films claims to have one.


Over at the SDUT, an updated story on Junior Seau's passing (there was no suicide note), plus reaction from Kevin Acee and Tim Sullivan.

Old friend Jabar Gaffney was snatched up by the Patriots, reuniting him with Josh McDaniels and Brandon Lloyd a day after Shanny & Co. had cut him loose.

Oakland signed tackle Ed Wang and hired scout Shaun Herock away from the Packers.

Baltimore signed G Ma'ake Kemoeatu, who was originally a Raven before playing for Carolina and Washington.

In a symbolic gesture, the Buccaneers and new coach Greg Schiano (formerly of Rutgers) signed paralyzed ex-Rutgers player Eric LeGrand. Meanwhile, the team released DT John McCargo.

Drew Brees and the Saints are reportedly still not close on a new deal, although it's still early May.

While promoting Depends, Wes Welker related a tale of former teammate Larry Izzo dropping a deuce on the sideline during a game and receiving a game ball from Bill Belichick for the feat.


After having listed the 10 teams he thinks improved this offseason, Bill Barnwell turns his attention to 10 that appear to have gotten worse.

From PFW's latest Insider column come doubts that Andrew Luck should have been taken first overall, and someone else suggesting that Kirk Cousins will be better in Washington than RG3. Oh, my.

Additionally, highfalutin prick Gregggg Easterbrook thinks Washington is the new Seattle, and its massive rainfall will cause RG3 to be a fumbling machine.

Wes Bunting lists his favorite first-round picks; Bucky Brooks reviews the drafts of the AFCN teams.

30 to 21 and 20 to 11 (Von Miller, #12) in PFF's list of the league's top 101 players.

From Chris Brown, some cutups and notes from Joe Tiller's quick passing game at Purdue circa 2006.

A Deadspin investigation finds that now-former columnist Sarah Phillips appears to be a total fraud and scam artist. Way to go, Worldwide Leader.

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