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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Klis lets us in on some of the Broncos' pre-draft thinking/strategies: Denver did indeed hope to trade back from #2 to a team hot after Blaine Gabbert, whether it be the Bills, Bengals, Cards, Niners, Titans and Skins. Unfortunately, those calls never came in earnest; Klis also writes that the Broncos were zeroed in on Von Miller since early February and were indeed willing to trade back a few spots from #2 in hopes of loading up on more picks and still having a chance to go with Nick Fairley. Plus, Denver couldn't turn down the value they perceived in Quinton Carter in the fourth round to pick up a DT there, and the team was in fact also interested in Arkansas TE D.J. Williams when they decided to trade up for Julius Thomas. Finally, Klis writes in response to an apparently incorrect PFT post (go figure, an overblown headline at PFT...) about the Falcons/Broncos that while the two teams discussed the possibility of swapping first-round picks long ago, Atlanta never made an offer.


Klis responds to reader questions about the Broncos' draft; he says all of the Broncos' veteran players received playbooks during that one-day window of the lockout injunction. What I'd like to know is if the new draft choices got their hands on them too, whether from the team directly when they were introduced at Dove Valley or from their new mates. Gotta think so, right?

Florio is all poopy pants about Klis' entry and claims the team is going out of its way unnecessarily to discredit him, I guess...

John Fox hosted a conference call with season-ticket holders to discuss the Broncos' draft. Lindsay Jones and Gray Caldwell both wrapped up the call.

Williamson considers the potential landing spots for Kyle Orton.

Podcasts of Vic and Gary speaking with John Elway and Rahim Moore, plus of Mike and Scott talking to Brain Xanders.

The AFCW teams' needs post-draft, according to Williamson. Plus, he talks to a Scouts Inc guy who likes Denver's selection of Quinton Carter and puzzled by their choice of Julius Thomas over D.J. Williams.

Jerry McDonald points out that illicitly sending a playbook to a player who's a staunch supporter of the NFLPA could blow up in teams' faces.


Here are the best undrafted players according to Dr. Saturday.

Chris Chase is sick of the networks tipping every pick before it happens.

Mike Lombardi considers the decisions of the QB-drafting teams and those with needs at the position but chose not to address them in the draft.

Among Lombardi's draft thoughts, he (like Ted) was a bit puzzled by the Chiefs' strategy.

Matt Bowen is getting tired of the rush to judgment on Cam Newton.

Aside from their lack of a new DT, Rob Rang likes the Broncos' draft haul and gives the team a "B-" for their efforts among his draft grades.

Bucky Brooks grades out the AFC East and NFC East squads' drafts.

Here are Wes Bunting's grades for the NFC teams' drafts.


Sadly, but to no great surprise, the late Dave Duerson was indeed found to have CTE.

Albert Breer on where we stand on the labor issues as we await the decision from the Eighth Circuit on a stay of the lockout injunction.

Among his notes, Andrew Brandt is still confident the 2011 season will start without delay.

Chris Simms' trial has begun.

Rashard Mendenhall is apparently a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Oh, brother.

Doug Farrar revisits Dan Pompei's column from Sunday where he mentioned a possible bias in the NFL against Nigerian-born players.

Matt Bowen and Joe Fortenbaugh consider some of the biggest post-draft storylines.

KSK interprets PK's MMQB.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading/watching.


In case you didn't know how exciting ping-pong can be on TV, now you know.

This could perhaps put a dent in the notion that ours is the most civilized nation in the world...

We apparently don't even allow people the freedom to run in marathons nekkid without tasing them - what is this country coming to?

First, it was the Pussycat Dolls covering Zeppelin. Now, it's Miley Cyrus covering Cobain and Company. Perhaps the Mayans were right...

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