The Daily Lard 5-29-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei shares a quote from John Elway about the Broncos' decision to draft Von Miller over Marcell Dareus:

Dareus is a very solid, tough defensive tackle who will have a long career in this league. But the difference is Von’s ability to be a game changer. That’s what swung us to Von. Obviously we needed help inside, but we were looking for a game changer.


Terrell Davis will be answering questions from fans via the DP.

The lead singer of the punk band Elway says they're not changing their name.

Tim Tebow spoke at a Christian school in Palm Beach on Friday.

I could swear it's only a few weeks ago that Kiszla wrote that Denver had become the Rockies' town, and that the Broncos had been rendered irrelevant. Yet, here he is killing the Rox at the end of May and saying their young stars are wasting the "prime of their baseball careers." Doesn't this guy know that baseball players have until 29 or 30 before they begin to decline, and for stars it tends to be a very gradual descent?

Jerry McDonald on the leadership of Richard Seymour.

Andy Benoit checks the film on the 2010 Chiefs.


Gary Myers is hearing that the players are standing strong but he wonders if their unity will hold if the lockout continues into August. His prediction is that negotiations between the two sides will resume in earnest by July, and that an agreement will be reached by August 1.

Not that they're likely to succeed, a nonprofit group has requested that the FCC get rid of the NFL's blackout rules.

Josh Cribbs, Vernon Davis and Devin Hester each told the Sporting News what they've been up to during the lockout.

Michael Vick's old house was purchased by an animal-rights group, and Farrar suggests that the Eagles QB should offer financial help to turn it into a full-fledged animal rehab center.

The Arena League is hoping the lockout will bring them some new viewership.

Wes Bunting checks out the Tennessee Vols' 2012 NFL prospects.


Maury Brown of Forbes explains precisely how teams inflate their attendance figures. (via SportsGrid)

During a recent game, Tigers announcer Rod Allen spoke about the home plate collision that injured Giants catcher Buster Posey. Fortunately, the discussion led to a clip of Allen himself knocking down a catcher at the plate in Japan, and even better it led to AA sharing a hilarious clip of what Allen did later in the game when plunked by the opposing pitcher.

Remember how finding a single glossy within a pack of fifteen baseball cards used to be exciting? You know what the draw is now? FInding a card that displays HD video clips. Yup.

Trick shots from Dukie Kyle Singler.

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