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Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Pending NFLPA approval, the trade deadline will be moved this year from its traditional post-Week 6 spot after to after the conclusion of Week 8's games.

As Bill Polian tells Peter King in today's MMQB, had this shift happened last year, the momentous changes of the past offseason may not have come to pass for the Colts and Broncos.

Polian says that had the trade deadline been after Week 8 in 2011, the Colts would have offered Denver a third-round pick in exchange for Kyle Orton. A Broncos source tells PK the team would have gladly accepted the compensation, and if Orton had led the Colts to a better finish than did Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky, then Peyton Manning would theoritically still be a Colt.

Andrew Luck would be somewhere other than Indy.

Tim Tebow would likely still be the starting quarterback in Denver, or he'd at worst be competing to keep the job.

Yikes. We'll take PMFM, thank you very much.

Then again, Will Brinson isn't buying Polian's claims, because why would an 0-7 team give up a third-rounder for a player they didn't even end up putting in a waiver claim for? But if Polian is indeed telling the truth, then Doug Farrar says that is exactly why he's no longer the Colts GM.

Back to PK, he's irked by the New York media's coverage of Tebow last week, despite his own hand contributing to the overindulgent Tebow fluffery last season.

As for the Broncos' current QB, King says Peyton's foundation doles out around $500K annually in Manning's home states of Louisiana (where he grew up), Tennessee (where he went to school), and Indiana (duh). Interesting that this remarkable support does not get Peyton labeled the Greatest Human In History, but perhaps that's because he's so good at his day job.


Four months after the fact, Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley says Pittsburgh had "no business losing to (Denver)" and "should have easily beat" them. LaMarr, you're probably right on both counts. But you'll have to talk to your boss Dick LeBeau about that one.

Mike Florio says the precedent established by a failed 2009 attempt by the state of Delaware to legalize sports betting means New Jersey doesn't stand a good chance of doing so.

Wow, Nick Fairley notched his second arrest in two months, this time for driving drunk at over 100 mph, evading arrest, and a potpourri of other charges. At least he was in a better mood this time, and thankfully he didn't hurt or kill anyone. Fairley now has more arrests as an NFL pro than he does QB sacks.

The Saints added a small bonus to RB Chris Ivory's contract; St. Louis converted part of Sam Bradford's 2012 salary into a roster bonus.

As Mark Kiszla tells it, the doctors for HOFer Forrest Gregg believe the head trauma the ex-Packer suffered during his playing career are connected to his Parkinson's disease. Meanwhile, a UC-San Diego neurosurgeon who suffered a severe spine injury playing high school football is keeping his son out of the game for now, and he's not sure the sport will survive its concussion crisis.


Mike Freeman sees in Bears RB Matt Forte the epitome of why the NFLPA is constantly fighting the league for better compensation, and he sees pettiness coming from Jim Brown and Joe Namath toward their old teams.

Among PFW's latest AFC and NFC Whispers, a larger role for Chiefs DE Allen Bailey and possibly just two QBs on San Diego's roster.

Andy Benoit chimes in on the little Alex Smith/statheads/Cam Newton talk from earlier in the week.

Sam Monson looks around the league for prototypical defensive linemen at each of six different techniques.

The dagger route, as explained by Matt Bowen.

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