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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Woody Paige spoke at length with John Elway, who talked of having a three-year plan to bring the Broncos back to winning division titles and more. Regarding the DT position, Elway says "everybody knows" the team needs to get one, but the Broncos' rebuilding status forced them to accumulate and keep picks rather than move up for Nick Fairley. And although we were all focused on Denver potentially nabbing Marvin Austin or Stephen Paea in the second round, the FO was apparently more interested in Clemson's Jarvis Jenkins, who went to Washington a few picks before the Broncos settled on Rahim Moore and Orlando Franklin.

Paige writes that Elway is in talks with a pair of ex-Broncos about bringing them back into the organization, perhaps from among Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, Terrell Davis, Rod Smith and Dave Studdard. Elway reiterated that the offense as run by Mike McCoy will remain largely the same, with wholesale changes on defense. Surely the McHaters are going to be complaining about that former concept over the next several months, but if Tim Tebow is to have anything in the way of success in 2011 - stunted offseason or not - it's clearly best he not be forced to learn a new offensive system.


More good stuff from Chris Hall, who spoke with ST coordinator Jeff Rodgers for Broncos TV. What stood out to Rodgers in evaluating his charges is the youth and quality of Denver's kickers and the depth of their return corps. He also took note of David Bruton, pointing out that the third-year safety stands out as a fast player who's also among the first guys down to the ballcarrier in kick coverage thanks to his effort. Rodgers spoke about his unit exhibiting consistency, sound fundamentals and the preparation required to win the unique situations that have burned Denver in recent years - like the fake FG in Washington from '09 and the fake punt in San Diego last season.

The passionate Legwold considers where Mario Haggan might fit in the Broncos' defense this year and says the LB may be a bit too heavy to stick around.

Florio on the Elway/punk band story.

Janet Elway is getting remarried.


DeMaurice Smith has come around to the idea that perhaps the players should never recertify - a conclusion Gene Upshaw reached two decades ago.

Several NFL assistants aren't too pleased to be associated with the pro-player brief filed the other day.

Jason Cole thinks the players need to make an offer to the owners.

Doug Farrar did a Twitter poll and found that fans aren't so hot on the idea of an 18-game season.


Skins owner Daniel Snyder claims he doesn't want to be in on football decisions.

Classy move: Braylon Edwards is giving $1 million or so to provide college educations for 100 Cleveland-area students.

PFW's post-draft examination of the Patriots and Saints, plus Andy Benoit's film review of the Chargers.

Mike Tanier considers the pros and cons of going with an empty backfield on third and short, plus the greatest Niners QBs.

Russ Lande still sees maturity issues and poor mechanics when considering Vince Young's future.

Khaled Elsayed says Giants RT Kareem McKenzie was clearly the best at his position last year.

Matt Bowen examines the red zone fade route.

Farrar offers his perspective on the Tiki/Anne Frank debacle.

Greg Gabriel breaks down Stanford QB Andrew Luck, while Wes Bunting looks at Georgia's top 2012 NFL prospects.

One-liners via PFT.


All kinds of balls meeting faces.

If you have any kind of pride in your own golf game, you may not want to watch this 4-year-old kid taking target practice at the range.

Kim Clijsters lost the other day, but she did hit a really cool (lucky) shot.

Scottie Pippen, you cannot be serious.

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