Hey Elway, lighten up! Lard 5-27-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Well, this has got to be one of the uncoolest John Elway-related articles I've ever read: There's a punk band in Fort Collins that changed their name last November to "Elway" and now the Broncos legend wants them to change it again. Elway's lawyers sent an email to the band requesting that they do so, although apparently the letter fell short of threatening suit or legal action. Of course, the band released a statement saying they have no intention of discarding the Elway name, and let's hope they stand strong on this.

Granted, the band is now probably getting more attention than they ever did when they were called 10-4 Eleanor, so perhaps this was all part of the plan, but still! I'm sure there are plenty of Coloradans who named their kids after The Greatest Ever in some way, and is it really a surprise that a bunch of them decided to name a band after the guy? Heck, they're probably not even the first to do so. Lighten up, John - nobody in their right mind is going to think you are associated with this band...


Jeff Legwold shows his passion for the game by writing the exact same thing TJ did in his mail revue yesterday in regards to Orlando Franklin's expected position.

KC Joyner writes that Kyle Orton is the best QB available this offseason, citing his excellent YPA, vertical YPA, YPA on 20+ yard passes, QB rating, and bad-decision rates. (Insider required)

Another story on David Bruton's substitute teaching, this a lengthy one from Dayton, OH.

Tim Tebow spoke at an awards banquet in Naples, FL - here's the article and TV news story.

As expected, the Broncos have announced that KUSA 9NEWS is their new television partner. LJ's version of the same story.

Terrell Davis is going to present his first BBQ sauce-funded charity check today in Glendale.

During Floyd Little's introduction yesterday as the special assistant to the AD at Syracuse, the HOFer said the players and owners should get a deal done sooner than later and spoke in support of providing financial support for ailing NFL retirees.

Broncos strength coach Rich Tuten is getting inducted into his high school's HOF.


Drew Brees shared some pointed words with Jim Trotter about the labor dispute, saying that the owners saw the death of Gene Upshaw as an opening to help them recoup all of the gains players had made in prior years.

The Redskins' coaching staff say they did not sign onto the Coaches Association's brief in support of the players.

Andrew Brandt focuses on the awkward and conflicted position NFL coaches have been placed in, while Doug Farrar reacts to the coaches' brief.

Liz Mullen says coaches across the league are anxious to see what kind of shape their players are in.

The Ravens are the first team to change their minds on screwing over their lowest-paid employees. In fact, they even gave back the money they had taken away. (via NFP)


Player agent Leigh Steinberg is now writing for NFP, and his first column focuses on the problem of concussions in sports.

James Harrison has started his own blog to clarify his thoughts on the NFL's latest player safety-related rule changes.

FO's post-draft look at the NFC West teams, plus PFW's examination of the Vikings.

Gary Myers write that Tiki Barber's moronic Anne Frank analogy is just typical Tiki trying to sound smarter than everyone else.

Fortenbaugh lists five teams he'd like to see on Hard Knocks.

Farrar has some better ideas for what Chad Johnson can do with all of his free time.

Khaled Elsayed's latest drop-related column covers running backs, and in 2010 Knowshon Moreno ranked among the most reliable when targeted, while Correll Buckhalter was among the worst.

Chris Brown's latest notes.


Here's a huge collection of hilarious customized jerseys.

KSK's latest sex/fantasy football mailbag.

South Park is the latest to address the exploitation of college athletes.

It appears that Nike tried to get Charles Barkley to soften his on-air opinion of LeBron James.

Similarly, ESPN is trying to steer attention away from the more embarrassing parts of the book about the Worldwide Leader. Plus, a book review from Awful Announcing.

Remembering the late, great Mark Haines of CNBC.

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