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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Many of you have been with us from our modest beginnings, and some even know us from our earlier days at MHR. Of course, we are grateful to all of you for your continued readership, and for the new readers we've gained over the past twenty months or so.

Over that time, we have received many requests for access to older material, and we've hinted at providing it in the past. It's time we finally honor those requests by making that prior content available, including most of our pre-Fat Man writing and Ted's work on One Man Football. Unfortunately, his Smarter Fans columns have been lost to the ether.

Our archives will be evolving as we figure out more intuitive and thorough ways of organizing them, but for now our guess is the Fat Camp, Broncography and Mail Revue sections will be most appreciated. As always, TJ (Mark it Zero), Doc (Doc's Musings), and Ted's (Ted's Analysis) work can be found under the parenthesized headers. Happy reading, friends!

Update: For technical reasons, we've had to remove the "Archives" moniker, but the content is all there for viewing. As mentioned, we'll gradually make this all easier to navigate.


According to Mike Klis, the pay cut Denver has demanded of Ty Warren would take his salary down from $4M to somewhere between $1M-$1.5M.

New CB Drayton Florence says he's a physical player and is not ceding the starting spot opposite Champ Bailey.

The players received their new iPad playbooks on Thursday.

Despite claims by Mike McCoy and Peyton Manning that the Denver offense is largely new to Manning, Eli Kaberon hears it will hold a strong resemblance to the Colts offense Manning is so familiar with.


De Smith thinks Drew Brees's lack of a new contract may be a form of retaliation for the QB's role on the NFLPA's executive committee during the lockout.

The Colts have apparently been trying to trade for disgruntiled Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins; former Seahawks RB Justin Forsett will try out for the Texans.

Bengals undrafted rookie LB Brandon Joiner faces a three-year prison term as part of a plea deal for a 2007 drug heist.

HBO is hoping to have a team lined up for this year's Hard Knocks by sometime next week.

Manning's old pal Mike Vanderjagt, who coaches football at his child's middle school, allegedly grabbed a student by the throat after the kid taunted the ex-kicker.

Charlie Sheen says he wasn't the buyer of LT's Super Bowl ring.

A former high school football star is hoping for a chance at the NFL, ten years after his life was destroyed by a false rape accusation which cost him five years in jail and netted his accuser $1.5M in a lawsuit.


Dan Wetzel is a strong proponent for New Jersey's proposed attempt to legalize sports gambling; the NFL is maintaining its hilariously hypocritical and disingenuous public stance of not condoning gambling.

Greg Gabriel expects San Diego's Melvin Ingram to be one of the more impactful rookies in 2012.

Arian Foster is just not that impressed by peas.

Mike Florio sees in Tim Tebow an unsupportive backup QB to Mark Sanchez, just like he was with Kyle Orton; Sam DeWitt can't believe the DP is still so devoted to Tebow coverage, and he's penned an open letter to Lindsay Jones on the topic. Within hours, Mike Klis followed up with more "thoughts" on Timmy's struggles at Jets practice, and by "thoughts" I mean "All He Does is Win!". Newsday's Bob Glauber is already tired of talking Teebs. It's only May, Bob. Have fun! Finally, Teebs stood up for (well, sort of?) the kid whose HS diploma was withheld for Tebowing at graduation.

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