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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Following the third and final day of Denver's first OTA of the year, Elvis Dumervil, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, and Von Miller (videos) spoke with the press.

As will be the overarching theme for months (years?) to come, expectations have been raised with the addition of Peyton Manning. The other main commonality of the four players' comments was a discussion of their body weight, with Elvis (250, down 10) and Demaryius (228, down from 232, aiming for 222) shedding the pounds to increase endurance and maintain health. Thomas took on yoga during the offseason to help.

Doom says he's looking to cut down on processed foods, a societal problem one might not expect to find among professional athletes. Yet, a quick glance at players' Twitter feeds shows otherwise, and even in a post-Shannon Sharpe NFL, the guys who cook for themselves and/or employ nutritionists and/or personal chefs appear to be the exceptions more than the rule.

Contrary to Doom and Demaryius, Miller (244, going for 252-254) and Decker (no weight mentioned) have bulked up a bit after the rigors of the 2011 season cost each player some strength and several pounds. Decker is appreciative of his first true NFL offseason, after a foot injury hampered his rookie summer and the lockout constrained his training last year.

Miller, who was named the Colorado Athlete of the Year, says his bromance with Dumervil is a close and competitive one, with Doom offering Von pointers to improve his game and hosting card games at his home.

Albert Breer paid a visit to Dove Valley, and he says the controlling nature of Manning and the willingness of Mike McCoy to adjust to his players' talents are an ideal match, not that that's any breaking news.

Revisiting Tuesday's comments, Jeff Legwold strangely wants to focus on the advanced age of Denver's secondary, even though it's actually a younger group than they had last year. To wit, Drayton Florence is two years younger than the departed Andre' Goodman, while Tracy Porter is eight years younger than Goodman. New safety Mike Adams is 7.5 years younger than Brian Dawkins, and whether it's Chris Harris or Omar Bolden taking the role of Jonathan Wilhite, either one is much younger than last year's nickel/dime back.


The NFLPA filed another collusion claim against the league, this time for their punishment of Washington and Dallas over supposed cap infractions in an uncapped year. In a major Ginger Hammer fluff session, Jason Cole says the union's reaction is overblown and is a product of combativeness on the part of De Smith, who unlike Gene Upshaw is not in the Commish's pocket. On the other side, NFLPA lawyer Jeffrey Kessler tells Alex Marvez the owners deceived the players into signing off on the cap penalties. Doug Farrar says Giants owner John Mara blew the league's case by opening his yap, and Andrew Brandt says this claim will fall under the jurisdiction of good old Judge David Doty.

As the league tries to catch the gameday experience up somewhat to sitting at home with Sunday Ticket, the Hammer wants WiFi in every stadium.

San Francisco gave P Andy Lee a six-year extension; Green Bay added DE Phillip Merling and announced several FO promotions in the wake of Reggie McKenzie's departure to Oakland.

Seattle is the latest team to have turned down Hard Knocks, which shows how desperate HBO is getting. Meanwhile, Seahawks lineman Allen Barbre has been hit with a four-game suspension for PEDs.

Also facing a ban is Giants RB Andre Brown, although his is for failing to fill out some paperwork for a prescribed medication ala Virgil Green and Texans P Brett Hartmann. Really, this is a bizarre and overly punitive policy. Another hit for the defending champs is that CB Brian Witherspoon injured his ACL for the second straight year.

J-Cutty is of course thrilled to be reunited with his bro Jeremy Bates, although there's a chance he may be without WR Johnny Knox in 2012.


It very well could be that the Bucs dumped Kellen Winslow because he apparently doesn't clean up after his dogs.

Matt Bowen explains how to beat Cover 3; PFF's Steve Palazzolo examines the different shapes and sizes of productive slot receivers.

Aaron Schatz explores defeats data, of course finding Von Miller among the league's leaders. Joe Mays, too, plus Quinton Carter within a tiny sample.

Drew Magary expectedly guffaws at the notion that the league is more interested in player safety than are the players themselves.

First Take supposedly had a Teebs-free edition yesterday, except that his name was mentioned more than 125 times. So clever, the Worldwide Leader. Weed and Brandon cannot wait to Tebow in Madden, as long as they can do so with a player who just sacked Timmy.

KSK brilliantly captionizes OTAs, with plenty of PMFM; Bills WR David Clowney is in quite the sharing mood.

Shanny has an odd followthrough that fits his personality, while tackle Trent Williams cannot swing a golf club, at all.

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