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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Chris Hall interviewed Dennis Allen recently, and following Krieger's column from last week it's another excellent chance to get to know Denver's new DC. As we've heard constantly from the Broncos' hierarchy in recent months, Allen says he wants his defense to exhibit speed, athleticism, aggression, toughness and violence. According to Allen, what will set his squad apart is the "culture" and attitude of the defense rather than the Xs and Os, and he expects the youthful infusion of draft picks will help the Broncos sustain the success they had shown early in the 2009 season.

The 38-year-old first-time DC says the tilt of the NFL's rules toward the offense mean that defenses don't have a lot of schemes or tricks to fall back upon; rather, they must utilize fear and intimidation to gain an edge. Judging by Allen's words, he'll have to prove a master motivator more than anything else if he's to be a success with Denver - and from this video, we can at least see that Allen is a confident, well-spoken and intelligent guy. Granted, all coordinators should exhibit those very characteristics, but it's certainly a comfort that Allen does, and it's a great foundation on which to build.


Terrell Davis tells NFLN that Tim Tebow should be the guy in Denver, even if T.D. himself wasn't an early believer in the young QB. He says Tebow brings something "special" to the table that the "good" Kyle Orton does not, that he elevates his teammates to another level and is a winner.

Legwold claims the Broncos' new staff views Knowshon Moreno as a "situational player" and he expects the former first-rounder to be utilized more as a third-down back. The passionate Legwold foresees the Broncos adding another tailback or two and a true fullback via free agency and again says they'll likely pursue DeAngelo Williams, who will cost a healthy guarantee...

ESPN's Matt Williamson sees Robert Ayers as the Bronco most likely to emerge as a star this season thanks to the team's schematic shift on defense.

The Broncos have interestingly severed ties with KCNC-4 and are expected to make KUSA-9 their flagship TV station once again.

Klis spoke with Rod Smith, whose alma mater of Missouri Southern is located in the tornado-stricken town of Joplin.


A judge denied the NFL's request to extend their deadline to respond to the Brady suit.

The owners' spring meetings began yesterday with talk of what else - the labor negotiations.

Troy Polamalu says it's not about millionaires/billionaires but rather people versus big business.

Chris Brown goes deep on the Norris-LaGuardia Act.


Bengals owner Mike Brown maintains that he won't trade Carson Palmer; Matt Bowen is baffled.

The Jets are reported to have interest in signing Randy Moss if either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes doesn't return.

Andre Johnson has been lobbying Nnamdi Asomugha to join him in Houston.

The Lions are furloughing their employees.

The Falcons have turned down HBO and Hard Knocks, while the Jets say they aren't interested either.

Bears draftee J.T. Thomas took an eighth-grader with spina bifida to her middle school dance. It's a remarkable story - be sure to read it.

Andy Benoit checks the tape on the 2010 Raiders, while PFW examines the Jaguars post draft. Plus, FO's post-draft look at the NFC South teams.

Pat Kirwan doesn't see enough buyers to create a free-agent RB bidding war.

Matt Bowen on the read option, the Niners and Colin Kaepernick.

Khaled Elsayed thinks the Saints' Carl Nicks is already one of the league's best linemen.

Wes Bunting looks at Alabama's top 2012 prospects.


Ninja Turtle Soup from Epic Meal Time.

We can only hope that Tim Tebow doesn't know as much of Justin Beiber as Cam Newton does. Why do I get the feeling he does, though?

Tom Brady may be HOF-bound as an NFL player, but he sure looks like a wuss when it comes to water slides.

A fine memorial to the Macho Man. (via SOB)

Unfortunately, Joakim Noah hasn't learned from Kobe Bryant's own classless mistake.

KSK translates PK's MMQB and Dick Ebersol suckfest.

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