The Daily Lard 5-23-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Neat story this morning from LJ on third-year safety David Bruton, who has been putting his free time and poli sci degree to great use this offseason. The special teams standout has been filling in as a substitute teacher at the public elementary and high schools in his hometown of Miamisburg, Ohio. While Bruton's primary reason for doing this work is to be near his five-year-old son Jaden, the experience has opened up the possibility of going into teaching after his playing days are over. He's apparently also pondering going into family law or social work someday.


Andrew Brandt writes that the players are starting to wonder what the next step is in their labor fight.

Among their latest Whispers, PFW is hearing the Broncos may not seek out one of the younger free-agent DTs but rather an older short-term one. So, perhaps this means that rather than Brandon Mebane or Barry Cofield they're looking at someone like Cullen Jenkins, Pat Williams, or even Gerard Warren?

In his MMQB, PK thinks he may think that the Cardinals might end up with Kevin Kolb. Plus, a story on Stink and his baseball-playing son.

San Diego LB Larry English had foot surgery in March; plus, an update on the Chargers' stadium search.

Ray Lewis says crime will pick up if the lockout continues; not sure if that includes him obstructing a murder investigation or stabbing anyone or what...

Speaking of crime, Bears RB Garrett Wolfe was arrested on a bunch of charges.

PFW and Andy Benoit both break down the Colts.

Khaled Elsayed's next interesting column looks at receivers and their drop percentages. Among the best of 2010? Our own Eddie Royal and Brandon Lloyd. And over the past three seasons? Royal is among the best, while Brandon Marshall is one of the worst.

Speaking of crime and Marshall, the DA in Broward County hasn't yet decided whether to charge Brandon's wife with a crime for having stabbed him.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading.

Hilariously, Mercury Morris doesn't agree that he's an egomaniac and claims his '72 Dolphins mates have only drank champagne to celebrate teams losing their undefeated seasons twice in the intervening years. As someone who wasn't alive during that season, I've probably heard/read more from and about Morris and his juvenile champagne toasts than about the actual team...


Ian Poulter won the Volvo Match Play yesterday at his own comedic expense.

Thankfully, one of the main suspects in the beating of SF Giants fan Brian Stow was arrested yesterday.

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