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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Chris Hall spoke with Mike McCoy this week about what the OC has been up to in recent months. While the conversation doesn't offer much in the way of depth or detail, it's always nice to hear from someone like McCoy - especially while we're desperate for actual news. McCoy says his top priority this offseason has been getting new OL coach Dave Magazu and new WR coach Tyke Tolbert familiar with the the team's incumbent personnel (McCoy worked with Magazu for six years in Carolina, while Tolbert is a new colleague who was with Carolina in 2010 after stints in Arizona Buffalo).

As for what to expect when the Broncos have the ball in 2011, McCoy states that it will be a blend of all the offenses he and his assistants have been a part of, but that the core of the offense that Josh McDaniels had run for the past two seasons will largely remain intact. Basically, it sounds like the idea is to pass like the Broncos have under McDaniels and McCoy and run like the Panthers had under Magazu and head coach John Fox. As for the QBs, McCoy says he wants to be able to run the offense the same way no matter who's under center, although Broncos TV interestingly didn't show any Brady Quinn clips while McCoy discusses the position.


Sacco offers some insight into the Broncos' decision not to be part of HBO's Hard Knocks, a choice they apparently made a couple of months ago. Basically, he says the Broncos don't feel like sharing their secrets, and as they continue their push into social media, they figure they can control the message and share videos whenever they feel like it.

Via PFT, Chris Mortensen says the Vikings may be interested in acquiring Orton.

Williamson spoke with Clancy Barone (who's back to coaching TEs) about Julius Thomas and his transition from being a hoopster to a tight end. Naturally, the conversation includes plenty of Antonio Gates references, as Gates was a basketballer too and was coached by Barone for two years in San Diego. Hilariously, Williamson refers to Tony Gonzalez as the GOAT among TEs.

A study performed by the city of San Diego found that it would cost about $80 million to spruce up Qualcomm.

A former Central Missouri TE has been working out with the Chiefs' players.


The NFLPA filed an argument with the Eighth Circuit last night which called the NFL owners a cartel, while the MLB, NBA and NFL player unions filed a brief saying the lockout should be lifted.

Vikings DE Ray Edwards won his boxing debut and may at some point take on Kimbo Slice.

Aaron Rodgers says he noticed on the field that Christina Aguilera had screwed up the national anthem.

PFW's Eric Edholm thinks De Smith has been using a bit too much hyperbole in his recent statements.

FO takes a post-draft look at the NFC East, while PFW examines the Packers.

Greg Gabriel analyzes the drafts of the NFC West teams.

The sense is that McDaniels is going to air it out in St. Loo.

Among their trio of free-agent WRs, Bucky Brooks thinks the Jets should make sure to retain Santonio Holmes. Plus, he figures Nick Fairley has a good shot at being this year's DROY.

Khaled Elsayed evaluates the production of fifth-year Panthers DE Charles Johnson, whose status will be determined by the outcome of the labor dispute.

Wes Bunting on next year's top CB prospects.

One-liners via PFT.


We here at IAOFM (especially me) often send a lot of heat Woody's way. But he should be commended many times over for his column on suicide, and CSU acknowledged Paige yesterday for his heartfelt writing.

RIP, Macho Man. With Leather, Ozzie Guillen, Alex MarvezSports Grid and With Leather again memorialize the wrestling legend.

Former Bills LB Darryl Talley has been tweeting plenty of apocalyptic jokes.

Notre Dame apparently spent a ton of cash getting rid of Charlie Weis, and they're not done yet.

Manny Pacquiao is pro-STDs.

ESPN New York radio host Jared Max on Thursday told his listeners that he's gay. Bravo.

Some football referees in Washington have been disciplined for wearing pink whistles in support of breast cancer awareness. Wow, maybe there really is something to this whole rapture thing...

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