Cornerback stats Lard 5-20-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Khaled Elsayed of PFF shares some fascinating data on cornerback play, and there are some interesting findings, if not so much in the way of surprises. The conventional wisdom on cornerbacks measures them by interceptions, which of course is how players like Deltha O'Neal and Tory James make the Pro Bowl. Thankfully that's changing, as folks are learning to focus on how many times corners are targeted and how many receptions they allow in front of them. And while that's a good start, there's a lot more to it - with targets and receptions, we're talking about those dreaded counting stats, and those things don't usually paint the most accurate of pictures.

We prefer rate stats here at IAOFM, as does Elsayed, clearly - if Player A gives up 15 catches in 100 coverage plays (15%) while Player B allows 20 catches in 250 coverage plays (8%), who's better? Proponents of counting stats (or Raiders fans) would see that Player A gave up fewer plays and choose him, while an IAOFM reader would prefer player B, naturally. Of course, we can go deeper and look at rates of plays/targets/catches, which Elsayed does.

Anyway, the result of this data is that Nnamdi Asomugha ranks as tops in a couple of categories, while Champ Bailey isn't too far behind (although probably farther than you might expect). As would follow logically, these two players' CB partners (Stanford Routt and Perrish Cox) saw among the most throws per play as a result. But more interesting to me is that Sean Smith ranks among the elites, while Alphonso Smith is among the worst. You know who's been saying precisely those very things for a long time now? Ted Bartlett, of course. Now, Ted's not as big a fan of stats as I am, but since I happen to think both that Ted knows his stuff and that eventually there would be data to confirm Ted's evaluations, it's quite clear that I AM THE WINNER here (thanks Hondo).


Even though there's supposed to be no player/team contact, PFW is hearing that the Broncos are pleased with how Perrish Cox is comporting himself this offseason, and that unless the Commish suspends him, Cox may in fact play up until his scheduled rape trial.

Woody writes that indeed the Broncos were asked to be the focus of HBO's Hard Knocks show this year but declined, and Paige is disappointed. He thinks it would have provided for some positive PR for the team, and that they are in dire need of just that. I could care less. How about you?

Tim Tebow was among the 13 players who worked out together yesterday in Englewood, and although he has his playbook and it's quite similar to that of last year, the second-year QB says he's disappointed that he can't work directly with the coaches. Plus, the longer AP story on the same.

CBS4 caught up with Tebow at the workout.

Jason La Canfora thinks the Broncos wouldn't deal Orton away for less than a second-rounder.

Marlin Briscoe spoke to Vic & Gary yesterday.

Several Broncos coaches hosted a clinic for youth, high school and juco coaches on Wednesday.


The NFL asked for more time to respond to the Brady suit - probably because they want to delay the likely outcome of it.

Jason Whitlock offers up some excellent perspective (like he usually does) on the lockout, criticizing football for its inherent violence and the way the NFL markets itself as a patriotic endeavor. And of course, he knocks the self-important Peter King and Mike Florio for spreading lockout-induced hysteria and hyperbole and portraying the labor battle as a matter tantamount to national security.

Speaking of hyperbole, Giants owner John Mara wrote an opinion on how an agreement must be reached and that if the players prevail in the Brady case, all hell would break loose!

Oh, and speaking of counting stats and rate stats, the owners are trying to convince players to focus on the former rather than the latter. Quel surprise.


Another bigtime DL prospect from North Carolina may be facing a suspension.

Bucky Brooks thinks the new coaches in the Bay Area will provide for interesting stories, and he isn't so sure that Cam Newton would be best-suited by starting this year.

PFW takes a post-draft look at the Lions.

Matt Bowen analyzes Peyton Manning and Pierre Garcon's use of the skinny post against the Jets.

Hunter S. Thompson had some pointed words for Colts owner Jim Irsay back in 1997.


Wow. K.J. Choi gave $200K of his TPC winnings to support tornado relief down south.

Dick Ebersol resigned from NBC.

You know how the world is supposed to come to an end tomorrow? The guy who came up with that theory first claimed it was happening in 1994. 

This is pretty funny on its own merit, but as someone who can't stand the Badgers, I take extra pleasure in watching Jerry Kelly tee off dressed in full Horned Frog gear.

Dirk Nowitzki-related awkwardness abounds: Dirk piggybacking Mark Cuban and Magic Johnson saying Dirk has three legs.

Lightning fans are apparently a bunch of soreheads.

The other day we saw rain delay jousting - the other night, Clemson and Davidson drummed up a whole slew of rain delay entertainment.

Pats fan Tommy has a few ideas to boost TV ratings this fall.

Can you imagine being picked up by your parents at school in this car?

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