Corrective Lard 5-2-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I need to acknowledge a blatant error I made within yesterday's Lard (as pointed out by IAOFM reader SteveUk) in regards to the possibility that Denver could have moved up to draft a falling Nick Fairley. The hypothetical swap to weigh is not a three-for-one deal in reality, but rather a five-for-one deal as Denver only acquired their fourth- and fifth-rounders when they traded down from 36 to 45 later on (the fifth-rounder was dealt to Green Bay as part of the deal to move up and get Julius Thomas at #129 overall). So, the real question is whether you'd prefer to have Nick Fairley or the quintet of Rahim Moore, Orlando Franklin, Nate Irving, Quinton Carter and Thomas - at this point, considering the holes Denver entered the draft with, it seems clear that Denver did the right thing. Now, about those defensive tackles...


Brain Xanders tells the DP that the Broncos are prepared for two different contingencies relative to free agency - one that would make DT Marcus Thomas and OT Ryan Harris (and several veterans around the league) restricted free agents and another that would make them unrestricted free agents. John Elway said Saturday night that Denver is interested in retaining Thomas, and the team is still making it rather clear they are ready to move on without Harris.

Aside from stating that Denver needs to sign a defensive tackle or two in free agency, Woody also goes over the Broncos' roster (if not completely) and considers some possibilities for them among veteran and rookie undrafted free agents. Woody continues to expect that Kyle Orton will be traded - remember, Orton is due over $7 million in salary from the Broncos this season.

John Elway described his own excitement throughout the draft process.

Terry Frei offers some followup thoughts to his profile of Von Miller.

The passionate Legwold grades Denver a "B" for their 2011 haul.


Kent Babb says the Chiefs both got younger and took some chances in the draft.

According to Acee, the Chargers' draft focused on defense and improving their horrific special teams.

As usual, the Raiders focused on speed in the draft.

Jerry McDonald says the Crypt Keeper is finally focusing on drafting better people.


Greg Gabriel thinks a few teams stood at as big winners and losers in the draft.

Gil Brandt lists his favorite undrafted players, topped by Delaware QB Pat Devlin.

Pat Kirwan also lists top undrafted prospects, headed by BC LB Mark Herzlich.

Jeffri Chadiha's best and worst player/team fits.

In his post-draft "power poll" Mike Silver throws in his obligatory Cal Bear shot at John Elway in response to the Broncos' selection of Silver's fellow alum Mike Mohamed.

Here are Jason Cole's NFC draft grades, if you're into that kind of thing.

Here are the moves/non-moves that stood out to Alex Marvez from the draft.


The Eighth Circuit could rule as soon as today on a permanent stay of Judge Nelson's lockout injunction.

The UFL is holding their draft today in order to try and poach the undrafted free agents who are unable to sign with NFL teams due to the lockout.

Alan Schwarz on the expected findings of the Dave Duerson brain study.

Shanny is already comparing his newly-drafted RBs to TD and CP.

AFC and NFC Whispers via PFW.

MJD doesn't think the Bears owe the Ravens a draft choice at this point after their failed draft day deal.

I can't imagine anyone really cares to get their post-Bin Laden perspective from Peter King, but of course he's gonna give it to us in his MMQB column. Oh, and get this - PK is "a little tired of" the Patriots constantly loading up on future draft picks - because they didn't make an upward move like he thought they should. How's that for arrogance?! Oh, and he thinks Trent Dilfer is really smart - you know, the guy who completely ignores the math when discussing whether to go for it on fourth downs...

Thankfully (how's this for timing?) Doug Farrar is here to point out just how clueless and biased Dilfer is...

Like Ted the other night, Kerry Byrne of CHFF believes their 2011 Draft makes the Lions contenders in the NFC North.

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