Paige vs. Orton Lard 5-19-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag, Woody hints at there being a lot more to his collection of negative stories about Kyle Orton and reminds us that Josh McDaniels came very close to trading him away last summer. Without getting into details, he basically says that Orton is two-faced in presenting himself publicly as a good teammate while behind the scenes being something else entirely. It'll be interesting to see whether Woody comes through with details at some point, or if anyone else does, for that matter. He also (as expected) claims credit for Orton having shown up to last week's group workouts and for John Elway having been hired, and writes that Denver is (of course) not going to sign Nnamdi Asomugha.

I've written here before that I think Woody has it in for Orton. To be clear though, I'm referrring to the way he slips these little nuggets in as asides and his column last week saying Orton should be leading workouts. I see those as Woody's way of turning public opinion against the QB in a manner that strikes as insidious. However, I do not believe that Woody Paige has ever played fast or loose when it comes to presenting facts, and I am not accusing him of doing so here, either. If Woody says that Kyle Orton hasn't been the good soldier everyone assumes he's been, and that he hasn't treated Tim Tebow with much in the way of respect, I believe him. It's understandable that he doesn't just come right out and tell us everything he knows about Orton, as that could place Woodrow's own relationship with the organization in jeopardy, and what then if Orton isn't traded?


PFW's Alex Mayster provides a well-informed post-draft look at where the Broncos stand, listing the FO turnover, the battle at QB and the hiring of Dennis Allen as the main stories of their offseason. Mayster writes that Ryan Harris and Laurence Maroney are unlikely to return, while Denver likes the versatility of Mike Mohamed and figures he can back up all three LB spots. Finally, he thinks the Broncos are among the teams likely most impacted by the lockout, due to their wholesale turnover atop the organization.

Williamson sees a lack of explosiveness as the one thing holding back Knowshon Moreno.

Not sure if HBO actually asked them, but the Broncos aren't interested in being the subject of this year's Hard Knocks.

If you care, Ditka thinks the Broncos should go with Tebow - not because he likes his skills, but because he thinks the kid's a winner. Yeah, that's why...


Teicher writes that Dexter McCluster is hoping for an injury-free sophomore campaign.

A group of about 25 Raiders players will be gathering for workouts in Georgia.

In typical Al Davis fashion, the Raiders are making their employees - including assistant coaches - sell season tickets to maintain their salaries.

Farrar's thoughts on the Crypt Keeper's latest stunt.


Mike Silver thinks Monday's decision by the Eighth Circuit isn't quite as big a victory for the owners that everyone's making it out to be. He points to the possibility that the owners could still ultimately lose the appeal, and that Judge Doty's next move will loom large in the battle for leverage before presenting a few more wildcards.

A poll by the Boston Herald shows that more NFL fans blame the owners for the labor dispute.

Matt Bowen says these player-led workouts don't really have much in the way of value. In other words, who cares if Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow are a part of the Broncos players' workouts? Not me...

Krieger writes that the players are likely to lose any appeal that heads to the Eighth Circuit, and yes - it's because of the judges' political affiliations.


The NFL's Competition Committee is looking to provide more protection for receivers.

Possible Denver FA target DT Barry Cofield says he'd like to stay with the G-Men.

Bill Belichick says the Pats may shorten their playbook as a result of the shortened offseason.

Meanwhile, Andy Reid says the Eagles expect to be active in free agency.

Jonathan Comey thinks Vince Young deserves more attention, while Khaled Elsayed warns us not to underestimate Matty Ice.

Alex Mayster on some of the more interesting NFL rules.

Jack Bechta has some (wise) Twitter guidelines for his clients. Of course, if the Broncos' players were to follow them, we'd lose our new weekly column on the subject, and where's the fun in that?

Chris Brown points us to an old story that involves Vladimir Putin pilfering Bob Kraft's SB ring.

If anyone can think of a better way to bring the two sides of the aisle together than making fun of Pouty Pants, I'm all ears...

Wes Bunting looks ahead to next year's top DL prospects.


Ran out of shoe polish? Don't worry, there are other (free) ways to get the job done...

Although we're bummed to hear that Stink's show didn't make it, we are beyond relieved that Colin Cowherd's received the same fate.

KSK on what lockout life is like for Philip Rivers and his family.

Starbucks apparently fired an employee because she's a dwarf, and now the Feds are suing the coffee seller.

Border guards busted a man for trying to bring 385 lbs of contraband bologna across the US/Mexico border.

As Burger Month continues, AHT taste tests In-n-Out, Shake Shack and Five Guys.

Why is Gus Johnson the man? Boom goes the dynamite, of course...

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