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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Andrew Brandt thinks that the Eighth Circuit's decision to permanently stay Judge Nelson's lockout injunction points to the owners also winning their appeal, and expects that decision to be delivered in late June or early July. On the flip side, Brandt points out that the players are still likely to score big victories in the Brady antitrust case as relates to the draft, free agency and the salary cap, should we reach the point of the players actually litigating those issues. However, such actions are quite far away from actually happening, and likely wouldn't reach a courtroom for perhaps a matter of years. So although mediation is not due to pick up for another three weeks from yesterday, Brandt wonders if we've reached a window where a deal could be reached.

AFC West

When you're picked third overall it's hard to feel snubbed, but Marcell Dareus is looking for all the motivation he can find in wanting to stick it to the Panthers and Broncos for passing him over last month.

For several weeks now, Matt Cassel has been leading the Chiefs through informal workouts.

Although Jerry McDonald's had him tagged to go there, word is Nnamdi Asomugha isn't interested in heading to Houston.

La Canfora speculates that Oakland is the most likely destination for Chad Johnson.


The latest round of mediation ended yesterday, due to be picked up again on June 7.

Mediating Judge Boylan asked the two sides to submit new proposals next week, and Judy Battista says they were working on a fixed cap system at the time yesterday's talks wrapped up.

Ross Tucker says the players most affected by the labor strife are the 2006 mid-round draftees who have missed out on cashing in.

Florio pleads a case for the players to seek a compromise rather than wait for more leverage.

Brian Burke has been tuning out the labor news and is a happier person for it.

Farrar's latest podcast features Mike Silver, Adam Froman and David Mims.


Despite their claims of poverty, the Commish says the NFL's owners are willing to help pay for a new stadium in Minnesota.

The Browns fired Jerry Butler, their director of player development.

Alex Smith says he expects to be back in San Fran this season.

Greg Gabriel breaks down the drafts of the AFC South teams, while Mike Tanier on the AFC North teams' post-draft holes.

PFW takes a post-draft look at the Cowboys.

Sam Monson on the NFL's best tackling cornerbacks, a list which of course includes Champ Bailey.

Among safeties, both Renaldo Hill and Brian Dawkins ranked quite highly in tackles-to-missed-tackles, with Hill the best among those with 25 or more tackles.

PK responds to emails.


Remembering the legendary Twins slugger Harmon Killebrew, who passed away on Tuesday morning (make sure to check out the slideshow).

Cleveland got a measure of karmic payback in the form of the first pick in the NBA Draft, likely Kyrie Irving.

Former Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry was among those selected for enshrinement to the College Football HOF.

Chris Brown shares an excerpt of Bobby Bowden's history as an offensive innovator pre-FSU.

Just how much of a football-only town is Green Bay? They can't even measure out a marathon correctly, for crying out loud.

Coach K. learned that it's kind of hard to land a top recruit when your people can't spell the kid's name correctly.

Remarkably ugly baseball caps. Gold star to anyone who owns up to having one of them....

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