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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's all wish a Happy Birthday to HOFer Ace Parker, who turns 100 today and is the oldest living ex-NFL player; Andy Barall shares his story.

Mike Klis says the Broncos are working towards signing all of their draft picks, and are close to deals with top choices Derek Wolfe and Brock Osweiler. Of course, thanks to the rookie pay system as structured by the new CBA, this is all a formality.

Incredibly, there's talk the Ravens and Eagles could try to dock the pay of Terrell Suggs and Jason Peters for their recent injuries, on the grounds that they were suffered away from team facilities. Apparently, the CBA stipulates that injuries suffered during off-site training sessions are considered non-football injuries.

So between drafted rookies possessing zero negotiating power as to their salary or team, players potentially getting docked for injuries while working out, and restricted free agency resulting in zero offer sheets this year, what did the players really gain in the latest CBA? Lighter practices and earlier free agency? That's it? And to think, so many fans took ownership's side and decried the supposed greed and selfishness of the players after ownership locked them out...


Here's Brock Osweiler sitting down with Chris Hall for BTV shortly after being drafted by Denver.

Knowshon Moreno yesterday pleaded not guilty to the DUI charges he faces.

Mario Haggan says the Broncos did show interest in bringing him back, but that the Rams present him a chance to play more.


Sadly yet inevitably, brain trauma researchers have found evidence of CTE in combat veterans who were exposed to IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Arbitration arguments were presented yesterday by the NFL and NFLPA over the Ginger Hammer's power; the Saints continue to show defiance of the ban hammer, making a martyr of Sean Payton by announcing they'll leave an empty seat for him at meetings and on the team bus and plane.

The Giants unveiled their SB ring; mobile apps mean that even guys like J-Cutty can pretend to have one.

KC added TE Martin Rucker; Miami will host FB Ovie Mughelli today.

Video has surfaced of the incident in Alabama which has Raiders LB Rolando McClain facing multiple charges.

Titans WR Kenny Britt had his knee scoped yesterday; Cowboys G Mackenzy Bernadeau had hip surgery last weekend.

Pittsburgh is moving Willie Colon from tackle to guard; Chicago is doing the opposite with Chris Williams.

Even kickers get concussed: apparently former Giants K Matt Bahr suffered a serious concussion while making a tackle during the 1990 playoffs, and the after effects lingered for weeks.


The bike stolen from Junior Seau’s house was recovered; Seau’s restaurant in Oceanside is closing.

Jets RB Joe McKnight knows precisely what McDonald's is good for - packing on the pounds, and quickly; Nick Mangold had his chest waxed on Jimmy Fallon's show; Clark Judge thinks the Jets have succeeded in placing some heat under the Sanchize's ass by bringing in Tim Tebow; Darrelle Revis says Tebow exudes leadership in the cafeteria; so, you know those people who claim that Tebow has nothing to do with the ridiculous image people have of him? Yeah, well, they're blatantly wrong.

Matt Bowen examines the TE seam route as run by New England's Rob Gronkowski.

Khaled Elsayed reviews the top performances by 3-4 ends last season, plus PFF responds to reader questions about their top 101 players from 2011.

Vince Verhei goes over the offseasons of the NFCE teams.

Golf has some incredibly dumb, archaic rules.

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