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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Former CU Buffs fullback Keith Miller is soon to make his debut with the Seattle Opera in their production of The Magic Flute. How did Miller go from being an NFL prospect to an opera singer? Well, it was the Broncos deciding they were not interested in him following a workout that sealed the deal. Miller had previously played in the XFL and Arena League, but after fruitless workouts with both Oakland and Denver, Miller decided in 2002 it was time to pursue his other calling. It was a good move, apparently - Miller has sung in more than 200 performances for the Metropolitan Opera and was featured in the NY Times a couple years back.


Woody was in NYC this week and writes of seeing billboards featuring Carmelo Anthony and Tim Tebow only blocks apart, and then the latter at Macy's doing a promotion for Jockey. Credit to Paige, he did manage to ask Tebow about keeping up with Kyle Orton, even if it was admittedly not the proper venue for such questions. Tebow told Woodrow that he's been working out and throwing everyday, and that he's thrown to Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Lloyd and Eron Riley.

Perrish Cox is expected in court today to deliver a plea in his rape case.

Another article on the slimmed-down Kevin Vickerson, this time from

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome says that if WR Torrey Smith had not been available at #58 and had Rahim Moore still been on the board there, the new Denver safety would be in Baltimore instead. Interestingly, Newsome stressed quite emphatically the lack of quality in the draft at S and ILB, where the Broncos selected four players.


Among PFW's Whispers, they hear that Von Miller may be moving closer to the line on passing downs but remaining in a two-point stance. Nothing new there, right?

Pat Kirwan doesn't see much in the way of big contracts welcoming this year's FA wideouts to their potential new teams.

PFF's Khaled Elsayed finds that Kyle Orton is middling at best when it comes to performance under the pressure of a pass rush. Anyone surprised by that?

Peter King and Cris Collinsworth are really freaking out about what the NFL could look like after an extended lockout. Hilariously, PK also wants to share with us his rankings of the top 100 players in the NFL today, starting with numbers 61 to 100. The sad thing is that some readers somewhere are going to take it seriously..."But PETER KING says Shane Lechler is a better player than Josh Freeman! It MUST BE TRUE!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!"

Matt Bowen on the importance of Cover 2.

As ESPN's Sage Steele tells it, a Padres bullpen catcher had an encounter that involved jerking off a squirrel. Her words, not mine.

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