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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Johns Elway and Fox apparently told Chris Mortensen yesterday that Brady Quinn is truly in the running for the starting gig, as hard as that is to believe. Of course, Mort probably just asked about Quinn's status - and what else could the Johns have said? "Yeah, he's on a one-year, $800K deal to be our backup, and if he's comfortable in that role we'll re-sign him next year. Tebow's our starter and we'd like a second-rounder for Kyle but will be glad to end up with a third-rounder for a guy who's going to make over $7 million this season with no team control beyond 2011." That may be what they're thinking, but of course they can't say it...


Roger Goodell spoke with several Broncos season-ticket holders in a conference call yesterday, basically repeating the same lines he's been spewing for months now...

Klis summarizes the Commish's call, in which he stressed that it's all the litigious players' faults. You know, forget that it's the owners who opted out of the CBA early and then didn't actually show up at the negotiating table until the eleventh hour...

Vic Carucci thinks the Broncos should go with Tebow, at least for this year.

Kent Somers writes that the Cards may be interested in Kyle Orton, but only if they can't get/change their minds on Kevin Kolb.

Brandon Lloyd is a pretty serious video gamer.

Vic & Gary spoke with Eric Decker and Britton Colquitt yesterday, while Sandy Clough talked to Decker.


Teicher on all the workout bonuses being missed out on right now in KC.

Here's the latest on the Chargers' stadium search.

McDonald on Jason Campbell's leadership in Oaktown.

Williamson on the explosive Jacoby Ford, how the new kickoff rules will effect him, and his role in the Raiders' offense in 2011.


Colin Kaepernick had minor surgery on his leg after the draft which the Niners knew about before they picked him.

Mike Lombardi thinks Matt Leinart may end up reuniting with Pete Carroll in Seattle, but his lack of skills and poor work ethic point to failure.

Pat Kirwan figures Vince Young shouldn't be looking for work for very long.

Don Banks on the skepticism as to whether all these informal workouts are worth the bother.

The Skins are trying to deny the veracity of the McNabb/wristband story, but Florio and his cousin are sticking to their guns.

While Chris Chase is sympathetic to McNabb's rough week, he thinks the wristband story is true and fits with McNabb's constant desire to appear cool.

Khaled Elsayed breaks down deep throws from 2010 and finds that Kyle Orton went long fairly often and with good accuracy, unlike his trade counterpart Pouty Pants. However, in terms of his performance against the blitz, Orton did quite poorly as measured by completion percentage and PFF's grade.

Elsayed also expounds upon the greatness of Niners DE Justin Smith as evidenced by the fact that he was one of the few players to beat Ryan Clady in 2010.

Greg Gabriel breaks down the drafts of the NFC South teams, while Wes Bunting looks ahead to next year's WR prospects. Plus, here's PFW's post-draft breakdown of the Panthers.

One-liners via PFT.


The St. Paul Saints' pig mascot for the year has been named Justin Bieboar.

Here's how to make a better version of a Big Mac at home. And, the recipe.

Some guy in Georgia made the local Waffle House his house.

KSK shows that those holding down the couch springs without a journalism degree can write just like Rick Reilly.

Some billboards in LA are being put to good use. What would you do if you could post messages around town for all to see?

Brandon Phillips is not just a great player - he's apparently an exceptionally cool guy.

Gus Johnson's shoes at CBS may be filled by none other than Marv Albert.

This was pretty funny from TPC - a fan fishing Michael Bradley's driver out of the water after it slipped had out of the player's hands.

Sadly, the great Harmon Killebrew is saying goodbye.

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