Not quite as Big Vick Lard 5-13-11

Happy Friday the 13th, Broncos fans! Kevin Vickerson stunned his teammates by showing up in Denver this week down over 30 pounds from when they last saw him. LJ writes that Vickerson weighed in at a relatively svelt 285 pounds as opposed to the 321 he played at in 2010, armed with a two-year deal that will guarantee him $1 million this summer even if there's a lockout. Vickerson, who will be moving inside for John Fox and Dennis Allen's new defense, says he expects that Denver will sign another defensive tackle or two in free agency. Finally, he hopes to be a three-down player and says the FO wants him to be both a starter and a leader in 2011.

Vickerson also spoke with (starts at around 18m40s) Mike & Scott on The Fan yesterday about the players' workouts, his role in the new defense and his weight loss, which he says will help him become that three-down player. BTW, try not to walk under any ladders today...


14 Broncos worked out together again yesterday - including Kyle Orton, who threw to Eric Decker and Dan Gronkowski. Surely when Woody next writes, he'll say that his column inspired Orton to show up...

Klis' notes from the workout - LenDale White says he's six weeks away from football activity in his recovery from surgery on his Achilles' tendon, and Ben Garland showed up for the workout - he hopes to be with the Broncos in training camp next year (when he'll be 31 when he'll be 31 according to, incorrectly). Plus, Brian Dawkins is footing the bill for the workout location, the trainer and the food ala Drew Brees. I wonder if the Broncos and Mr. B will pay him back - they should, right?

Despite the fact that the DP crew has written him off as a bust, PFW is hearing that Richard Quinn is in line to be the Broncos' starting TE in 2011. Go figure... Plus, while Virgil Green is more NFL-ready today, the Broncos apparently think Julius Thomas has the highest upside of any TE in the draft class.

The Broncos' front office and top coaches met and held a Q&A with some of the team's corporate partners and suiteholders on Wednesday night.

Mike & Scott spoke with Rod Smith and Kevin Vickerson yesterday. (Podcasts)


The two sides argued before Judge Doty on television rights money, with the players asking for $707 million in damages, plus compensatory and punitive damages on top. As a decision is not expected soon, the players also want the TV money placed in escrow while Judge Doty deliberates. Here's Jim Trotter's story on the same.

Matt Bowen thinks if the lockout extends into September, players may find themselves short on cash.

Former Cowboys RB Ron Springs passed away after being in a coma for four years (which he had slipped into during a surgery to remove a cyst from his forearm). Springs is the father of ex-NFL CB Shawn Springs and had received a kidney transplant from his old teammate Everson Walls.

The Vikings are apparently not interested in adding QB Vince Young.

Team prez Mark Murphy and the Packers want to wait until Brett Favre is definitely retired before they hang up his number. Plus, longtime CB Al Harris, who was cut midseason, will get a SB ring.

The not-tough-enough or black-enough Donovan McNabb apparently refused Shanny's request that he wear a wristband with a list of plays.

Meanwhile, KSK gets serious about Bernard Hopkins' comments, which McNabb's agent responded to yesterday.

The Chargers promoted the son of HOFer Carl Eller to be their Northeast regional scout.

Dan Parr writes that Cam Newton hasn't yet discovered humility.

PFW checks in on the Bills post-draft, while Andy Benoit hits up the film on the 2010 Titans.

In his latest Walkthrough, Tanier likens himself to Bruce Gradkowski and shares his list of the Rams' top 5 all-time QBs.

PFF thinks Kevin Kolb is more like A.J. Feeley than he is similar to Matt Schaub.

Joe Fortenbaugh poses the question of what position to start a franchise off with.


We're not the only ones who find Tiger Woods Golf to be insanely realistic - Tour players apparently use it to prep for the real thing.

Perhaps Tiger should've spent more time practicing on his Wii instead of stressing his leg with real swings - he withdrew from the Players after a front-nine 42. Will he axe his new coach Sean Foley next?

The Worldwide Leader is apparently completely out of touch with humanity.

We won't be seeing Jay Mariotti on TV anytime soon. You know, aside from on the police blotter segment.

Playoff beards! (via SOB)

Sports Pickle offers a field guide of the most common MiLB fans. (via SOB)

KSK's latest Sex/FF mailbag.

As if they weren't enough of a handful as is, Sawks fans are now able to down mixed drinks at Fenway.

Watching Seinfeld helped Ron Washington come up with a new lineup.

A commercial for Swedish condoms features rabbits playing hockey and humping each other (of course).

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