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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver's coaches got their first look at the newest Broncos as the team kicked off its three-day rookie minicamp yesterday (BTV video, photos).

John Fox, Brock Osweiler and Ronnie Hillman (videos) talked with reporters afterward. Osweiler spoke about working to raise his elbow in his throwing motion and admits no sentimental reason for taking #6.

He instead hopes to acquire his more familiar #17 from WR Andre Caldwell. But Caldwell wore #87 in Cincinnati, and of course that belongs Eric Decker, who wore #7 as a Gopher but never will as a Bronco. Not sure Brock should be negotiating for number through the press, as that will likely only jack up the price. This could take a while to play out, as all numbers in the tens and eighties are currently assigned.

Hillman discussed sharing SDSU as an alma mater with Fox and says he took #34 to honor two of his favorite players in Ricky Williams and Walter Payton.

As for Osweiler needing to fix his throwing motion, and turning to Noel Mazzone (his OC at ASU) to do so, Denver fans will surely wince at the deja vu-ishness of it all. But do not fret, my pets - we're talking about a simple tweak here, not a major overhaul. That's the story I'm hoping is truth choosing to believe in lockstep with, at least for today. If it's any comfort (not really), Osweiler did post some impressive stats in his time at ASU.

Defensive lineman Ben Garland is back with the team for his first real opportunity to make the squad, although he calls his own chances "slim."

Ex-CU Buffs safety Anthony Perkins and Tuskegee running back Demario Pippen are in attendance on a tryout basis.


Junior Seau was laid to rest (photos) and memorialized (photos) yesterday before an estimated crowd of 15,000 gathered at Qualcomm Stadium (photos) to honor the late linebacker's life and career. Several ex-NFLers spoke at the ceremony (video): fellow Chargers legends Dan Fouts, LaDainian Tomlinson and Billy Ray Smith, who stood in for Rodney Harrison; Bobby Ross, who coached San Diego's 1994 SB team; native San Diegan and ex-Bronco John Lynch. Fittingly, team owner Dean Spanos announced the retirement of Seau's #55.

Vince Young agreed to a one-year deal with the Bills and will compete with Tyler Thigpen to back up Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The head of the NFL Refs Association says his organization and the NFL are not at an impasse in labor talks, contrary to earlier reports.


It wouldn't be an NFL offseason without Brandon Marshall dumping his recent QBs under the bus, would it? Incredibly, BMarsh claims that even Jerry Rice couldn't have thrived with Miami's QBs last season. Wow, if you didn't think this dude was crazy, you do now, right? And, interesting Freudian slip with the URL on this entry by Doug Farrar, where it says "Lloyd" in lieu of "Marshall."

Naturally, Tim Tebow will be the subject of an E! 30-minute special. Face, meet palm. Palm, meet face. At least next time he gets traded, Tebow will have a cheat sheet to help him rename his poor dog. And of course, Skip Bayless will be there to applaud him for it. Mercifully, his Jets will not be the team featured on this year's Hard Knocks.

And yet, the madness of BMarsh and Tebowmania strike as totally normal relative to Rob Ryan and his beloved Econoline van. Wow. What a freaking weirdo.

Mike Tanier reminds us that all we'll be hearing out of rookie minicamps are gushing stories about how great everyone is looking. For a study in this, scroll back up to the top of your screen.

Greg Gabriel evaluates the NFCS teams' drafts; Farrar and Greg Cosell discuss those of the NFCW teams in their latest podcast.

Khaled Elsayed reviews top single-game performances by guards (Kris Dielman against Denver) in 2011.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading.

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