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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Andy Benoit's latest film review is of the Broncos, and it sure is nice to see some meme-free analysis of our team from a newspaper, eh? Granted, he's not a beat reporter or a newspaper scribe at all, but still - Benoit writes that Kyle Orton was decisive and exhibited sound fundamentals, while Brandon Lloyd's breakout season is almost surely no fluke. He also points to Knowshon Moreno's shortcomings while acknowledging that he could still become a star someday, if not likely a workhorse.

And although Benoit doesn't focus on the offensive line's early struggles, he does mention notable improvement over the year by Ryan Clady and Zane Beadles. Benoit also points out that Marcus Thomas may have turned it up last year because it was a contract year and that the defense's undoing was a result of poor tackling, the lack of a pass rush, and poor linebacker play inside. Now, Benoit probably just skimmed through the season's game tapes - why can't the DP's writers come up with this sort of analysis - which focuses in on real game action rather than harping on trades gone by and eye-catching "bust" labels - when they actually sit through every game live?


Not sure how I forgot this one, especially since it was all over the Twittersphere and Ted emailed it to the rest of us, but John Elway was on Sirius Radio the other day and said it's "hard to tell" whether both Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow will be on the Broncos' Week 1 roster.

Vic Carucci on Elway's comments and Orton's trade value.

Dennis Allen spoke with The Ticket on Tuesday and said the Broncos passed on Marvin Austin due to his personal issues and on Da'Quan Bowers because of his knee injury. Allen also said he expects that new safeties Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter should be able to play down in the box for run support, and that his defense will be "fast, aggressive and attacking."

Brain Xanders tells Gray Caldwell the FO is busy prepping for free agency and the 2012 Draft.

Doug Farrar considers the duo of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil and writes that John Fox will likely utilize stunts to create confusion and have Miller shoot inside gaps to rush the passer. Strangely, Farrar neglects again to even bother mentioning Dennis Allen. What's up with that? (thanks, Bradley)

Here's a partial transcription of Brian Dawkins' appearance on The Drive the other day. Plus, the podcast.

Why isn't Tim Tebow working out with Kyle Orton and company in Denver? He's working out today in Georgia, where he's a co-owner of D1 Sports Savannah with Herschel Walker.

CBS4 on Nate Irving's brush with death, and LJ on Dawk's leadership.

Tebow was listed by Forbes as the tenth-most influential athlete in the U.S., down from third-most last year. With Leather on the ridiculousness of it all.

Plus, Tebow will be playing in the American Century Championship celebrity golf tourney that John Elway participates in annually out at Lake Tahoe.


Teicher thinks the Chiefs may have to lighten the load for Eric Berry, who played in every KC defensive snap last season.

Some notes on the Chiefs' 2010 playing time stats.

PFW checks in on Norv Turner to see what he's working on during the lockout.


Florio interviewed the Commish - here's the transcript.

As Chris Chase points out, it's actually not the "plight" of guys like Reggie Bush or DeAngelo Hall that is at issue during the lockout.

Jack Bechta lays out his plan for undrafted players once the league year begins.

Meanwhile, Doug Farrar on the obnoxiousness of the owners instituting a lockout and then cutting employee salaries because they say their revenues are down.

There are actually people out there who claim they'll watch less football if the lockout shortens the 2011 season at all. Riiiiiiight... MJD and SOB chime in.


This will likely not end well: Bernard Hopkins said that Donovan McNabb is neither black enough or tough enough.

Here are some details on Chad Johnson's bull-riding stunt. Plus, he's thinking of calling the bull Marvin Lewis.

Meanwhile, Lewis says Carson Palmer would still be his starting QB were he to show up.

Longtime OC Tom Moore may really be done in Indy.

Panthers WR Steve Smith says that contrary to last week's reports, he has not requested a trade.

Pat Kirwan considers the potential impact if Dallas were to sign Nnamdi Asomugha and Cullen Jenkins.

As Matt Bowen points out, no way the Saints keep Reggie Bush at his $11.8 million salary.

Don Banks thinks a protracted lockout would most harm Kubes and the Texans.

FO's post-draft look at the AFC South teams, while Benoit also checks the film on the 2010 Titans.

PFW's next lockout evaluation focuses on the Ravens.

Kerry Byrne presents the (surprisingly strong) HOF argument in support of Bengals QB Ken Anderson.

Wes Bunting looks ahead to the best RB prospects for next year's draft.


You wanna see leadership? KSK got ahold of the schedule for the Giants' Eli Manning-directed workouts.

If you cover a football with sandpaper, you can apparently light a match with it. (via SOB)

Google is pushing in Nevada for the ability to use their self-driving cars legally.

Where have all the great sports nicknames gone? Really - enough of the first initial/first syllable of the last name garbage.

Just two days after the death of his estranged mother, a high-school baseball player in Holyoke, CO pitched a no-hitter in the front end of a doubleheader and went 4-for-4 with four dingers in the nightcap.

Lots of intensity at the World Tennis Table Championships. (via SOB)

RIP Tractor Traylor.

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