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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Andrew Brandt has some interesting thoughts on the recent news that the owners are thinking of tweaking the 2010 work rules should the lockout injunction be affirmed by the Eighth Circuit. Brandt points out that if the NFL goes another season without a salary floor or cap, the owners who don't spend as much as others could put themselves into hot water with the courts, as they could appear to be colluding to keep salaries and payrolls down. All of these players stuck in the murkiness of "am I an RFA or a UFA" like Denver's own Marcus Thomas and Ryan Harris would seemingly have a legitimate beef, right?

Meanwhile, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports writes that players and assistant coaches are skirting the lockout rules by staying in touch via text, phone, email and Skype. And as Doug Farrar points out, while this reality may damage the players' case in the labor battle, it's not something the NFL would likely try to make a big deal of.


With Brian Dawkins organizing and a private trainer leading the way, 15 Denver veterans worked out together yesterday, including Kyle Orton but not Tim Tebow. Any chance Woodrow will respond with a column that praises Orton's teamwork and say that Tebow is being aloof?

Brain Xanders appeared on NFLN yesterday as part of the network's post-draft trip around the league, and it is an excruciating watch. This time, it's not all on Xanders - it's a combination of Fran Charles asking dumb/leading/negative questions and Xanders providing his pre-rehearsed responses which hardly answered any of the queries directly. Charles leads right off by asking essentially "How could you guys take Von Miller over Marcell Dareus when all of my colleagues spent months predicting you'd go with Dareus? And what on earth makes you think he can play in a 4-3?" Or maybe they're just nice softballs for Xanders to crush by saying, "We had decided on Von all the way back in February, and we think he's a good enough player to fit within any scheme or personnel grouping. You do know "4-3" is a grouping rather than a scheme, right? You'd know if you had your Master's in Football like I do..."

CBS4 writes up Von Miller's appearance at John Lynch's scholarship luncheon a week late.

Gray Caldwell on the Broncos' Week 2 matchup versus the Bengals. Yes, it's still May.

Raiders QB Jason Campbell did some interviews yesterday; Jerry McDonald sums up. Plus, Campbell and Richard Seymour are planning group workouts for their teammates.

Retired Raider Anthony Smith pleaded not guilty to murder.


The Vikings are planning to move to a retractable-roofed stadium out in the burbs of Minneapolis in 2015. However, the proposal is pending public funding and approval, so stay tuned.

Alan Faneca is retiring.

Ravens LB Sergio Kindle pleaded guilty to DWI and got time served.

Chad Johnson's next stunt involves bull riding.

Plaxico Burress is soon to be released from prison, and Chris Chase points us to an excellent story about the WR and his family from the Post.

Mike Beacom of PFW offers a lengthy look back at the early days of labor negotiations between the players and the NFL.

Reggie Bush is enjoying the lockout and is probably not making any new friends among his fellow NFL players.

While there may not be a ton of big-name free agents this year, Mike Lombardi can already foresee some good player/team fits.

Bucky Brooks says Mario Williams can succeed in whatever role Wade Phillips has in mind for him. PK also addresses this, although why anyone would want to read/hear his opinion on something like this is beyond me. Oh, and he responds to emails, too.

PFW on where the Cardinals and Falcons stand at this point in the offseason.

Greg Gabriel breaks down the drafts of the NFC North teams.

Chester Pitts and Raheem Brock have a bit too much free time, apparently.


How many of you golfers out there would be willing to put a ball in play that is almost impossible to slice or hook?

Plus, Michelob and Bridgestone are teaming up to combine beer-flavored water and golf balls in one neat package.

Manny Pacquiao was led out to the ring by the lead singer of Survivor singing Eye of the Tiger. Pretty great, except for the annoying as all heck announcers. (via SOB)

Tom Brady rocked quite the outfit at the Derby.

Sexy Rexy was apparently in Afghanistan pumping up the boys for their raid on OBL.

LeBron took a knee to the jewels from his boy Bosh the other night.

He's not quite Charles Barkley-bad, but Brian Orakpo is a pretty terrible golfer.

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