The Daily Lard 5-10-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans! More players continue to voice their opinions on concussions, the aftereffects of an NFL career, and bounties.

First up is G Jacob Bell, who suddenly retired just one month after joining the Bengals as a free agent, citing long-term health concerns and saying he didn't want to be limping around like his old coach Mike Munchak in Tennessee. Bell cites Junior Seau's suicide as part of the impetus for his decision, although he uses an unfortunate idiom in saying so.

Denver legend Karl Mecklenburg says he often struggles to remember people's names, his own hotel room numbers, and where he's parked his car. Retired running back Jamal Lewis says he suffered from post-concussion syndrome for most of his last NFL season, and that in retirement he experiences headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and sensitivity to light. Emmitt Smith says that he of course worries about the long-term effects of having played football.

As is his nature, old friend Bill Romanowski laughed off Cris Carter's accusations and said he gave and received threats in every football game he ever played in, hilariously adding that he only "went over the line five to 10 times." Puzzlingly, Falcons WR Roddy White says all these ex-players "are killing our game" by speaking up.


Denver's starting offensive line and a handful of other players went through a three-day leadership boot camp last week at the Broadmoor.

New safety Mike Adams says he's looking forward to picking off Peyton Manning in practice this summer.

Mike Klis says the Broncos are high on the prospects of DT Seaver Siliga; he speculates that Denver could ask Ty Warren to take a pay cut, and he throws some shit against the wall by floating Aubrayo Franklin as a possible free agent signee, strictly because he weighs a lot.

Lindsay Jones goes over the Denver rookies' number assignments.

According to Klis, Marcus Thomas is seeking a two-year deal and two teams are interested in signing him after June 1 once he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

In reviewing the offseasons of the AFCW teams, Tom Gower says the Broncos should have upgraded at linebacker, uninformedly calling Von Miller a "pass rush specialist."


Old friend Domonique Foxworth says in an op-ed for USA Today that the NFL is misleading the public in its portrayal of the NFLPA's role in the bounty investigation.

The Chargers are expecting as many as 60,000 fans for tomorrow's tribute to the late Junior Seau; ex-Chargers Dan Fouts, Rodney Harrison, and LaDainian Tomlinson are expected to speak, as is old friend John Lynch. Seau's family announced that there will be a private viewing tonight, and the funeral will take place tomorrow morning.

The Vikings are another step closer to getting a new home in Minnesota after ownership agreed to pony up $477M toward a stadium.

Houston signed QB John Beck; Pittsburgh is giving K Dave Rayner a tryout and will visit with DE Matt Roth and LB Brandon Johnson.

Like the Broncos had done several years ago, the Chargers will hold joint practices with the Cowboys this summer (for the second straight year).

Terrelle Pryor is apparently working hard in Oakland; he says last year was a humbling one, and that he had sold his OSU uniform pants to help his mom catch up on rent and gas bills.

Robert Griffin III has applied to trademark his name and several of his nicknames for merchandising purposes.

The NFL and the Referees Association are at an impasse in labor negotiations, so the league is now threatening to hire replacement officials. Oh, brother.

Octodad has departed the Twitterverse.


EA released its new Madden cover featuring Megatron preparing to catch an imaginary ball.

Oh, my. Ex-ND QB Jimmy Clausen went to Supercuts for a trim and wasn't pleased with the results, and he made the mistake of pronouncing this to the world via Twitter. Former friend, fellow ex-Domer, and perpetual pretty boy Brady Quinn was horrified.

New York's Cardinal Dolan squeezed a Tebow joke and a plug for his own radio show all into his very first tweet.

Another Grantland tribute to MCA, this time through the wonders of YouTube.

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