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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Tim Tebow spoke with Dan Patrick last week on Patrick's radio show and of course answered the typical questions. One of his responses offered another hint at Tebow's relationship with Kyle Orton...

Tebow: No, I mean we haven’t talked too much, but we have a great relationship. I’ll look forward to going in there and just competing.

Translation: Of course we haven't spoken, especially after he left me out of his Vegas trip - you know I would've torn that place up. Kyle's been a jerk ever since Studesville announced that I had the starting gig - which I won't be relinquishing - the rest of the way. There won't be anything left to say after I crush him in training camp.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit from Tebow is that he thinks Urban Meyer will indeed return to coaching college ball at some point. Here's the podcast of Patrick's conversation with Tebow in full.


Dave Krider of Max Preps shares a profile of new Broncos TE Julius Thomas, who played football in Pop Warner and as a high school freshman before a growth spurt caused him to experience football-induced back pain. Plus, Thomas apparently rocked a stellar afro in high school. Too bad that's gone - between Thomas and Rahim Moore's mohawk the Broncos could already have taken the award for Best Draft Class, Hair Category.

Pat Kirwan writes again that the Broncos (due to their head-coaching change) are among the teams that will be affected most by a protracted lockout. It's a good point, of course, although at least Mike McCoy is still around as OC and much of Josh McDaniels' offense may remain intact.

Gray Caldwell previews the Broncos' opening night matchup with the Raiders. Yes, today is May 10th. No, the season isn't for another four months.

As part of his push to build a football field at a boarding school for foster children, Philip Rivers spoke about the offseason so far.

The Raiders' rookies have already been assigned jersey numbers.


The NFL filed a brief with the Eighth Circuit to plead their case for the lockout to be upheld; interestingly the league is trying to argue that free agency without a negotiated CBA could alter the competitive balance of the NFL. No mention of the fact that the owners' opting out meant the 2010 season was played with no salary cap. But remember: it was all the players' fault!!

In considering the arguments for and against a permanent stay of Judge Nelson's ruling, Andrew Brandt predicts the Eighth Circuit will rule in favor of the owners.

The NFLPA believes the owners had structured their non-broadcast commercial deals to provide them with even more "lockout insurance" and are asking Judge Doty to examine the issue.

La Canfora says the NFL is leaning towards going with 2010 free agency rules.

The Commish made another PR stunt personal call to a team-specific blogger to address concerns over the lockout; this time it was a Colts writer. MJD reacts.

Kevin Fishbain of PFW suggests the NFL hold a brief period where teams can sign undrafted free agents to lessen the chaos sure to ensue whenever the league year finally begins.

The ex-wives and baby mamas of guys like OctoDad may be facing reduced support payments during an extended lockout.


The Wilfs aren't too keen on how much they'd have to pitch in for a new stadium in Minneapolis.

38% of NFL players wore crappy helmets in 2010 that do little to protect them from concussions. Meanwhile, researchers at Virginia Tech are working on better testing for helmet safety.

So, Gus Johnson has officially left CBS and is reportedly headed to FOX. I suppose this means there's a chance Gus will be calling the game when Von Miller destroys Pouty Pants.

Bucs DT Alex Magee was arrested and charged with possession of the ganja.

Matt Bowen analyzes Atlanta's sprint action pass.

FO takes a post-draft look at the AFC East.

Wes Bunting looks ahead to the QB prospects for next year's draft, including Andrew Luck - who he calls the best one he's ever seen (don't forget that he's only a junior).

Just like his pal Woodrow the other day, Rick Reilly takes some cheap shots at bloggers and their couch springs.

KSK makes reading PK's MMQB a lot more tolerable. Plus, if you're looking for a way to direct your charitable donations, isn't having lunch with PK really high on your list? I know it's up there for me...


Google has a neat new Recipe search feature.

Justin Verlander and his two no-hitters have nothing on this softball pitcher for the Crimson Tide.

Tony Romo's US Open hopes are done-zo after he shot an 81 yesterday morning.

Doesn't everyone who's actually played the game know that success in poker much more about skill than luck?

R.A. Dickey, the favorite current pitcher of any Mets fan with at least half a brain, apparently names his bats. Oh, and he's a huge nerd.

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