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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Last night put a wrap on the 2011 Draft, and Denver came away with nine picks - three linebackers, two safeties, two tight ends, a tackle and a defensive end. Of course, that list is perhaps most notable for what it didn't have - a defensive tackle (or two), although the position was certainly on the minds of the Broncos' front office - John Fox on Friday night said, "I probably would have felt better if we could have gotten a defensive tackle," and last night told Vic Lombardi there's a chance Denver will bring back Justin Bannan and/or Jamal Williams once free agency begins. Not sure how much weight should be lent to the latter though, because if Lombardi framed it along the lines of "Will you consider bringing back Bannan and Williams?" then why would Fox ever say, "No, we're moving on."? It's unlikely, at best...

Somehow I skimmed over this yesterday morning, but Mike Klis wrote that the Broncos did indeed consider trading back up into the first round to select the falling Nick Fairley, but decided to pass on surrendering both of their second-rounders and their third-rounder for the chance to get the DT who went to Detroit at #13.* If there was in fact a deal to be made, that begs the question: Would you rather have Nick Fairley, a potential game-changing disruptor, or would you prefer the trio of hopeful starters Rahim Moore, Orlando Franklin and Nate Irving?quintet of Rahim Moore, Orlando Franklin, Nate Irving, Qunton Carter and Julius Thomas?** Then again, Klis' more recent entry makes it sound that Fairley would have to have slipped further for Denver to be able to acquire him.


John Elway, Brain Xanders and John Fox met with the press yesterday following the conclusion of the draft.

Chris Hall speaks with John FoxRahim Moore and Nate Irving for Broncos TV.

Orlando FranklinRahim Moore and Nate Irving each met with the Denver press yesterday.

As we've discussed over the past two days, Krieger says the Broncos' new brass obviously isn't too fond of the team's incumbent linebackers and safeties. However, not sure I'd agree that the selections of Thomas and Green reflect poorly upon Richard Quinn...

Tim Tebow is back in Denver for the remainder of the offseason and will work out with Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Lloyd. Plus, he says he sees the lockout as an opportunity to outwork other people (cough*Kyle*Orton*cough).

Terry Frei profiles Von Miller.

Pat Kirwan thinks the Broncos could turn their defense around quickly with their newest acquisitions, although he sees Von Miller playing the Will.

Legwold and LJ's notes on day three, including the obligatory shot at McDaniels.

Lindsay JonesGray Caldwell and Gabe Hiatt wrap up the Broncos' selections from the final day. Plus, Hiatt on the second-day picks' Saturday pressers.

Sacco looks back at the most successful late-round picks in Broncos history.

It appears Denver is lacking sixth- and seventh-rounders in the 2012 Draft.

Quinton Carter

Quinton Carter highlights via NFL Films.

As TJ wrote yesterday, Andrew Mason thinks Carter is a perfect complement to Rahim Moore.

Wes Bunting wrote that Carter doesn't take great angles to the ball and didn't run well at Combine but rated him among the best remaining values before yesterday's picks were made.

Julius Thomas

Mason makes the natural (if unfair) comparison of Thomas to Antonio Gates.

Mike Mohamed

Mason writes that Mohamed is a likely special-teamer.

Wes Bunting sees Mohamed as a standout in special teams, a nickel LB immediately and a starter at the Will someday.

Virgil Green

Mason thinks the Broncos couldn't resist Green's measurables.

Jeremy Beal

Mason says Beal was extremely productive at Oklahoma but fell due to his Senior Bowl play and Combine results.


Here's who Bunting says are the best undrafted offensive and defensive prospects left.

Among the strongest impressions Farrar got this weekend is that John Fox's imprint is already being placed on the Broncos.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei writes that disgustingly, scouts and coaches actually paint players of Nigerian heritage with a wide and negative brush. Plus, he thinks about as much of Peyton Hillis making the Pro Bowl and gracing the cover of Madden 12 as Ted and I do...

Mel Kiper grades (ESPN Insider) the Broncos' draft as a "B" and writes that Von Miller may turn into the 2011 Draft's biggest impact player. He likes the value Denver got with Rahim Moore and thinks Nate Irving "could be a steal" at #67. Naturally, his knock on their work is the lack of a DT.

Walter Football isn't wild about Von Miller for Denver and grades the Broncos a "C+" for their overall effort.

Rob Rang gives the Broncos a "B-" and says the only real demerit is from not drafting a DT.

Plus, Rang's biggest surprises from the first three rounds.

Don Banks' reactions to Saturday.

Bama coach Nick Saban didn't seem to think his guy James Carpenter should've gone in the first round.

One-liners via PFT.

* Correction: I had incorrectly written that Fairley went at #12 to Detroit; he was picked 13th - Doug

** Additional correction: Thanks to SteveUk for pointing out that the hypothetical deal to get Fairley would have cost Denver five players they drafted, as the move down from #36 to #45 netted them extra fourth- and fifth-rounders.

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