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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Bill Williamson spoke with several scouts and draft experts to compare Tim Tebow with the 2011 crop of QB prospects. While Gary Horton thinks Tebow is the answer in Denver, Mel Kiper and Steve Muench both think Tebow would be a fourth-rounder if he were a part of the 2011 Draft. Matt Williamson thinks Denver never should have drafted Tebow in the first place, and that they'd be better off with a QB they could potentially draft in the second round later this month. Finally, Tony Softli thinks the Broncos should stick with Tebow, whose football intelligence and intangibles impressed him last year. Here's what it comes down to, though - obviously, all of these evaluators have every right to think some of this year's QB prospects are better than Tebow; but even if they're right, it doesn't make any sense in the world for Denver to draft one. As Bucky Brooks points out, every guy has question marks, just like Tebow does - and unless there were a standout guy (Andrew Luck?) then why bother?

AFC West

Is it good enough for the Broncos to draft a longtime starter at #2 rather than an elite/impact player? Legwold sort of thinks so.

Legwold points out that as long as there's no CBA, undrafted players won't be able to sign with teams.

Kyle Sonneman reviews the most notable offensive linemen drafted in Broncos history. Of course, the most important one of all never even played for the team (Chris Hinton).

Denver legends Jason Elam and Alfred Williams will be among the inductees to the Colorado Sports HOF next Tuesday.

Williamson consults the draft chart to see where the AFCW teams could move up to with their current allotments of picks.

A former longtime photographer for the Chiefs is suing the team for having used his images to decorate Arrowhead without compensation.

It's hard to say where the Chargers will end up getting their new stadium, whether it be SD or LA.


Ron Rivera is saying a whole lot of nothing regarding the Panthers' first-overall pick.

Pat Kirwan thinks there will be a run on QBs in the second round.

Wes Bunting thinks Irish TE Kyle Rudolph has shown himself to be worthy of a first-rounder.

Joe Fortenbaugh focuses on vertically-challenged Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter, who was expected to visit Dove Valley before the draft.

Don Banks profiles Delaware QB Pat Devlin.

Part 1 and Part 2 of Farrar's interview with Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick.

Kirwan does over the top of the 2004 Draft, and he thinks the Chargers would have been better off taking Ben Roethlisberger rather than trading for Philip Rivers (and Shawne Merriman). I think he's nuts...

The other day it was QBs - now John Clayton moves onto theorizing about the relative dearth of first-round RBs. John, maybe it's because there hasn't been a Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson of late?


Lawyers for the NFL and NFLPA discussed mediation options with Judge Nelson yesterday but were ordered not to share details.

In reviewing the details of Wednesday's hearing, Andrew Brandt thinks the players currently have a slight advantage with Judge Nelson.

Sack rates have decreased each decade since the NFL started tracking them.

Mr. Pouty Face was hurt by all his fellow NFL players questioning his toughness. Meanwhile, Vic Carucci brilliantly writes that winning a SB this year would silence the doubters. Gee, you think, Vic?

CHFF checks up on the Lions' meaningful stats.

One-liners via PFT.

Not only did Ndamukong Suh get a pedicure on Thursday, but he told his tweeps about it and shared a pic. They do feel great...

Know what would make things worse for the starstruck folks in Japan? Pats fans.

KSK's latest mock draft involves the subjects of notable biopics.

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