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Good Morning, Broncos fans! With precisely three weeks to go til the opening of the 2011 Draft, it's time for the DP to return to their hacktastic glory focus more on the annual selection party. Unfortunately, Klis starts out with a real doozy; remember how he had seemingly put to rest the Legwoldian thread of Denver has ONLY six picks (before they were awarded a compensatory pick for sucking)? Well, he's now creating a narrative of a different flavor (and omitting facts to make the story fit, of course): the Broncos should have a lot more later-round picks because Josh McDaniels got ripped off monthly! Of course, there is some validity to it - dealing away a fourth-rounder for Laurence Maroney wasn't so hot, although no DP writer has ever? mentioned that Denver got back a sixth-rounder in that deal. Perhaps giving up multiple draft picks along with Peyton Hillis doesn't seem all that great for Brady Quinn, although the fact that Quinn didn't play in 2010 shouldn't factor in.

But should we really be riled up about giving up a 2011 fifth-rounder to get a year's worth of Syd'Quan Thompson? And if you're going to decry the loss of a seventh-rounder in the Alphonso Smith/Dan Gronkowski deal, aren't you supposed to point out that Denver received a sixth-rounder in that very same deal (which is, you know, better than a seventh-rounder)? As if it's not enough to leave out these facts, Klis goes on to write that there's a big difference between having a pick near the top of the sixth round rather than at #21 and #24 like Denver does. It's gonna be a long three weeks, friends...


With the help of his old pal Dr. Kwong (remember this bizarre headline?), Legwold speculates that Demaryius Thomas could be ready to go in mid-October (none of this is apparently based upon his actual progress).

Klis considers Denver's needs on offense, including possibly a tight end and right tackle.

Speaking of TEs, Legwold focuses on Kyle Rudolph, whose Notre Dame pro day is today.

Jason Elam responds to reader questions, covering his favorite kicks (Buffalo Toro! Toro!), his feelings on Tim Tebow (golly gee, what do you think?), marrying a Broncos cheerleader (did you know Jeff Lewis, Bill Musgrave and Patrick Jeffers did too, along with Jake the Snake?), and his own bookwriting.

Washington Huskies LB Mason Foster is expected to visit Dove Valley today after having met with the Titans yesterday.

AFC West

Williamson reviews the latest three-round mocks and Denver's choices according to Kiper (Alabama DT Marcell Dareus, UCLA S Rahim Moore, Kyle Rudolph, Iowa DL Christian Ballard) and McShay (Dareus, Rudolph, Moore, and UNC LB Quan Sturdivant).

Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick will be visiting with the Raiders; Corkran considers the implications.

Up next for Teicher is the idea of drafting Texas LB Sam Acho in the third round.


Judge Nelson said it'll take her a couple weeks to decide on the players' request for an injunction to halt the lockout and suggested (but didn't order) the two sides return to mediation.

Farrar's story on yesterday's hearing.

Alex Marvez thinks it's a big deal that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning weren't at yesterday's hearing.

Ravens WR Derrick Mason thinks Roger Goodell "is a joke".

Jack Bechta apparently didn't really understand Moneyball.

CHFF next examines the 2010 Cowboys' quality stats, while Andy Benoit goes to film of the Falcons.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading of late.


Greg Gabriel says that at this point, teams' draft boards should pretty much be set, only to be influenced by medical reports and interviews.

Steve Wyche thinks Da'Quan Bowers is taking a big risk in planning his team visits so early after his poor pro-day showing.

Wes Bunting lists his favorite prospects from small schools.

Here's what Bunting has learned from his most inaccurate prospect evaluations.

Gil Brandt on the pro days of Indiana and Virginia.

Bowen hits the tape on Jake Locker, who he sees as worthy of a second-round pick.

Matt Waldman wraps up his TE evaluations with Nevada's Virgil Green.

In Walter Football's roundtable mock, Denver takes Marcell Dareus at #2.

John Clayton taps his superior logic to write that trading up to draft a QB is risky. Next week, he will write that drafting a QB in the first round is risky. Oh, and so is drafting a defensive lineman, safety, linebacker, running back, wide receiver, tight end and offensive lineman.

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