Visitation Lard 4-5-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers visited Dove Valley yesterday along with Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett, while A&M linebacker Von Miller is due in today. Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley is expected tomorrow, with other visits this week coming from Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Washington linebacker Mason Foster and Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin. In total, there are 13 player meetings scheduled for this week. Meanwhile, Auburn quarterback Cam Newton will be visiting the Broncos in two weeks.


Legwold believes that there's something to the front office's frequent omission of Ryan Harris when discussing the starting offensive line. In fact, he thinks that even in the case where Harris's status reverts back to that of an RFA that he won't be back in Denver.

Jeff Goldberg of CHFF goes over the Quality Stats from the Broncos' 2010 season, and of course struggles to find anything of quality. Worst part? Allowing the Raiders to gain over 500 yards in both games, despite Oakland's 333-yard average in other games.

In analyzing the draft trends of the AFCW teams, Joe Fortenbaugh points out that Denver has ridiculously selected 7 centers (although I found 6) over the past ten drafts versus just 3 linebackers. Aside from the obvious (D.J. Williams), the other two include a guy who plays offense now (Spencer Larsen) and one of the bigger draft busts in recent Denver history (Terry Pierce). Any wonder as to why the defense has sucked in recent years?

More on the Broncos' most notable visitors from

According to Aaron Wilson, Tulsa FB Charles Clay met with the Broncos at the combine.

Williamson says the Broncos and Chiefs will host UCLA LB Akeem Ayers, who already visited the Chargers.

Legwold thinks the Broncos should consider taking FSU QB Christian Ponder.

Matt Bowen points out that the lockout hurts teams like Denver that have new head coaches because normally they're allowed an extra minicamp before the draft which helps acquaint the coaches and veteran players.

Topless pictures of Tim Tebow!!!!! ZOMG!!!!

The older brother of Daniel Graham and son of Tom Graham has passed away due to brain cancer complications. Our thoughts are with the Graham family.


Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel was arrested under some puzzling charges at an Indiana casino.

Teicher considers the Chiefs' first-round options for the draft.

Williamson interestingly points out that Oakland managed to recover 22 of its own fumbles in 2010. Naturally, Bill isn't smart enough to understand that fumble recovery is pure luck; rather, he refers to it as an "ability."


The two lawsuits against the NFL brought by current and former players will be heard together on Wednesday.

The league declined an NFLPA offer to meet last week in advance of tomorrow's hearing.

Roger Goodell spoke at a high school assembly about the NFL's demand that HGH testing be a part of the next CBA.

Andrew Brandt provides an FAQ regarding offseason workout programs.


Tom Zbikowski's fourth bout will take place in two weeks.

KSK interprets PK's MMQB.

Andy Benoit's newest film study is of the 2010 Panthers.

Guest wrting for FO, Matt Scribbins suggests that the Vikings trade Adrian Peterson and bring back a haul of picks from perhaps Indy or New England.

Chris Brown examines a couple of interesting topics - the monopolistic control the NCAA exerts over its athletes, and installing offenses in just three days.


Mike Lombardi sees only three true blue-chip prospects in the draft: Patrick Peterson, Von Miller and Marcell Dareus.

Fortunately for the Broncos (who have 2 second-rounders), Wes Bunting thinks there are a lot of guys who will go in the 2nd but are worthy of being taken in the 1st.

Plus, Bunting thinks a few late-round QBs have decent potential.

Doug Farrar evaluates Texas DE/LB Sam Acho.

Gil Brandt on the pro days of SMU

Next up in tight ends to evaluate for Matt Waldman is D.J. Williams of Arkansas.

Farrar's latest mock covers the second half of Round 1, including several players discussed as options for Denver in Round 2.

PFT lists 19 of the 20 players who will attend the NFL Draft in NYC.

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