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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his MMQB today, Peter King focuses in on the quarterback class, which Mel Kiper is calling the wackiest he's seen. There are quite a few notable circumstances, with guys staying in school a year later than expected and affecting the draft in a major way - Jake Locker and Andrew Luck, for instance. PK finds out a bit more about Ryan Mallett, although none of it firsthand (the QB wouldn't talk to him) and, like everyone else, thinks Warren Moon was just a bit off base in his comments last week. Plus, he claims Locker will go earlier than everyone thinks (didn't everyone just raise his "stock" after his pro day workout?).

King goes on to write that Da'Quan Bowers' knee issues could drop him into the lower half of the first round and reminds us that recent newsmakers Dez Bryant and Aqib Talib had those classic pre-draft "character concerns" that perhaps aren't as overblown as we'd all like to think (Perrish *cough* Cox *cough*).

AFC West

Among their latest Whispers, PFW is hearing that Denver is happy to stick with Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill for now as starting safeties, even with Dawkins' hefty $6 million salary.

FWIW, John Clayton is liking the job John Elway has been doing (what has he actually done yet?) and could see Denver going QB in the second round.

Raiders WR Louis Murphy was arrested and charged with three misdemeanors, including possession of Viagra without a prescription.

Oakland safety Michael Huff has thought about heading home to Dallas.


The guy who originally developed the original Madden computer game is suing EA for big bucks. A little late, no? Plus, Florio's take on the legal ramifications.

Here's Andy Benoit's takeway from film on the 2010 Saints.

The NFL's head lawyer in the Brady case that begins Wednesday has quite a few major cases on his resume, both past and current.


Matt Bowen explains what he looks for in evaluating a cornerback.

Greg Gabriel looks at a pair of potential 4-3 tackles in Temple's Muhammad Wilkerson and Baylor's Phil Taylor.

Here are Farrar's evaluations of Arizona DE/LB Brooks Reed, Kentucky WR Randall Cobb and Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick.

Matt Waldman breaks down Badgers TE Lance Kendricks.

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