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Good Morning, Broncos fans!  Matt Waldman thankfullly eschews giving out draft grades, instead just trying to figure out what teams tried to do. Starting with skill positions for the top of the alphabet, Waldman echoes what TJ wrote yesterday in writing that adding two undrafted wideouts while drafting none shows Denver is confident in its incumbent players. Plus, he could see Ronnie Hillman and Mario Fannin as the main backs in Denver's offense in a couple years, and he says we should keep an eye on Xavier Omon.

Just to expound upon what both TJ and Waldman wrote, trading up 20 spots in the second round to get a third-down back would be quite aggressive, to say the least. Just because Hillman is 5-9 and 200 lbs and has been described as a scatback and change-of-pace guy by the punditry doesn't mean that's the role Denver intends for him.

Naturally, we'll have to wait several months before we even begin to see what Hillman will be for Denver, but until then, we can again say - judging by their actions, the Broncos must love this guy.


Add Mike Lombardi to the list of analysts fond of the Broncos' selection of Omar Bolden, whom he says would have been a first- or second-rounder if healthy, and should become a starter in Denver. Plus, Lombardi says medical concerns caused the slide of BSU DT Billy Winn.

Mike Klis dubs Denver's efforts this weekend as being "OK" and oddly sees the selection of Derek Wolfe as a move to replace Robert Ayers. Wow, really? That's a curious take, to say the least. Malik Jackson would figure to be a much greater threat to Ayers than does Wolfe.

Peyton Manning and Eric Decker visited with Manning's fellow Vols Todd Helton and R.A. Dickey before taking in the Rockies' extra-inning loss to my NY Mets. Oh, and the Mets took two out of three.


Among Mike Tanier's observations from the draft are a sense of surprise around the league that both Jerel Worthy and Devon Still slipped as far as they did (to the middle of the second round), and pure bemusement at the Pat Anger and Kirk Cousins selections.

Bucky Brooks writes up some of the draft classes that stand out to him, plus his top 30 prospects for next year's draft.

WR Eric Page is among Doug Farrar's favorite undrafted offensive players.

Wes Bunting lists his favorite UDFA from each team and sees Coryell Judie as a starting CB in a Cover-2 scheme.

Analytical tweets from Greg Cosell for each of Thursday's first-round picks; Greg Gabriel evaluates the drafts of the AFCE teams.

Matt Bowen considers the potential for a few of his favorites to have impactful rookie seasons.

Draft grades for AFC and NFC teams from Jason Cole, who calls Denver's group the epitome of an average draft.

Meanwhile, the Passionate One gives Denver a C+, presumably because he didn't even have Derek Wolfe or Ronnie Hillman among his top 100 players (granted, we haven't yet found anyone who rated Hillman that high) entering the draft. So, how could Captain Passion possibly give the Broncos a better grade than that?

Jeffri Chadiha looks at the best and worst matches of teams and draftees.


Brain doc Robert Cantu can see a day in the future where concussed players are not permitted to play in the NFL.

Former Colts GM Chris Polian will join Atlanta's front office.

Bills WR Stevie Johnson will have "minor" groin surgery, as if there could be such a thing.

90 to 81 and 80 to 71 (Champ Bailey) on PFF's list of the league's 101 best players from 2011.

Andy Benoit says BSU fans stump for Kellen Moore just like Tebow zombies defend their boy, and he is neither surprised or upset that the QB from his hometown went undrafted.

Count Josh Katzowitz among those starting to think maybe Mike Brown isn't doing such a bad job of running his Bengals.

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